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    Assessment of the Care of Acute Pain at the Trauma Center of Ouagadougou
    Authors: Kabore RA1*, Ki KB2, Traore AI3, Compaore S4, Bougouma CT5, Damba J6, Bonkoungou PZ6, Sanou J6 and Ouedraogo N6
    Abstract: Introduction: Pain is a frequent reason for patients visit in trauma centers, but it care remains insufficient for many reasons.
    The Impact of Routine Focused Transthoracic Chocardiography Immediately before Renovascular Surgery in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease - A Brief Report
    Authors: Jennifer Lucas1* and David J Canty2,3
    Abstract: Background: Patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) have a high incidence of postoperative cardiac morbidity and mortality.
    Focused Transthoracic Echocardiography in Hip Fracture Surgery Patients
    Authors: David Canty1,2,3* and Colin F Royse2
    Abstract: Despite advances in medical care, hip fracture surgery remains one of the commonest and high risk surgical procedures (10% in-hospital mortality and 25% at one year), representing a major economic cost to our community and a World health care burden.
    Prevention of Intraoperative Cerebral Ischemia during Neurosurgical Operations
    Authors: Suren Soghomonyan1*, Karina Castellon Larios1, Andrei M. Jipa1 and Sergio D. Bergese1,2
    Abstract: Brain surgery carries the risk of intraoperative ischemic damage to the healthy tissues, which may result in significant neurological deficit in the postoperative period and worsen the clinical outcome.
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