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    Application of Microfluidics in Chemical Engineering
    Authors: Roger C. Lo*
    Microfluidics is the science and technology that involve the study of behaviors of fluids, controlled fluid manipulations, and the design of such devices or systems that can reliably perform such tasks in microchannels with typical dimensions of tens to hundreds of micrometers. For over two decades, applications of microfluidics haven been extensively explored at the interface of biology, chemistry, and engineering [1].
    Electrospinning of Sulfobetaine Methacrylate Nanofibers
    Authors: Erin Emerick1, Sheila Grant2 and Matthew Bernards1,2*
    Abstract: Sulfobetaine methacrylate (SBMA) is a zwitterionic polymer that has previously been shown to have nonfouling properties. This resistance to nonspecific protein adsorption makes the polymer a candidate for filtration applications where irreversible fouling is problematic.
    Targeted Inhibitor Design: Lessons from Small Molecule Drug Design, Directed Evolution, and Vaccine Research
    Authors: Sheldon Park*, Jasdeep Mann and Naiyi Li
    Abstract: Inhibitors of protein-protein interactions are useful for elucidating novel biology and for manipulating biological processes for therapeutic effects. To this end, both small molecule and protein inhibitors are commonly used.
    Sustainable Operations for Distillation Columns
    Authors: Yasar Demirel*
    Abstract: Distillation process consumes about 40% of the total energy used to operate the plants in petrochemical and chemical process industries in North America.
    Analysis of a Vertical Bioreactor for Denitrification and Biological Phosphorus Removal from Wastewater
    Authors: Maryam Reza1* and Manuel Alvarez-Cuenca2
    Abstract: Current environmental regulations regarding the nutrient discharge limits are becoming increasingly strict in Canada and other industrialized countries. As a result, there are strong social and economic needs for the development of nutrient removal technologies that are compact, cost effective and highly efficient.
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