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  • Functional Representations of Scientific Workflows
    Authors: Noe Lopez-Benitez*
    Abstract: Workflows describe not only a collection of component functions, but also their dependencies, which predefine a constrained order of execution.
    Measuring the Energy Efficiency Ratio of Parallelized Software Applications
    Authors: Delbert Bonner and Akbar Siami Namin*
    Abstract: Rising energy costs, the shrinking size of mobile devices and political influences have begun to force device and software developers to look at ways in which they can reduce their energy usage.
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    JSM Computer Science & Engineering is an international, peer reviewed Open Access, academic and high quality journal that is exclusively designed for all the CS engineers and CS scientists that publishes novel papers reporting original research and innovative applications from all parts of the world. We aim to disseminate new understanding and developing technology varying from the academic and professional research communities to industry practitioners in computer science & electronics. We encourage the various advancements, innovations and the new budding ideas in the field of general and core Computer Science & Engineering.
    As a part JSciMed Central® Open Access platform, JSM Computer Science & Engineering supports the scientific innovation and advancement in general and core Computer Science & Engineering research community by increasing access to peer reviewed scientific literature. JSciMed Central® also brings multiple internationally peer reviewed member journals under one roof thereby encouraging knowledge sharing, collaboration and promotion of interdisciplinary science.
    The Open Access Journal welcomes various article types such as Original/ Research, Reviews, Mini Reviews, Short Communications, Perspectives and Editorials.
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  • JSciMed Central welcomes back astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko.

    Wonder Women Tech not only disrupted the traditional conference model but innovatively changed the way conferences should be held.

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