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    Semiparametric Spatial Autoregressive Model: A Two-Step Bayesian Approach
    Authors: Jiaqing Chen, Renfu Wang and Yangxin Huang
    Abstract: Spatial data arise frequently in econometric studies and it is a common practice to analyze such data with spatial autoregressive (SAR) models. This paper proposes a two-step Bayesian approach for inference in the semiparametric spatial autoregressive (SPSAR) model, including the cases for mixed data.
    Role of the Neighbourhood Deprivation in the Adverse Effect of Air Pollution on Congenital Abnormalities
    Authors: Maxime Jeanjean, Kihal Wahida, Cindy Padilla, Esther Kai-Chieh Chen and Severine Deguen
    Abstract: Congenital abnormalities (CAs) remain a major cause of stillbirth and neonatal mortality. The literature has shown that congenital malformations are suggested to have multifactorial determinants, including environmental exposures and socioeconomic patterns.
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    Research Article
    Motasem Said Salah* and Gehad El Gaeedy
    Background: The complexities of the critical ill patients in the Intensive care unit (ICU) require huge resources with high level of care. Assess the trends of outcome of an ICU on a regular basis, we not only analyses the profile of patients getting admitted to a particular ICU but also the quality of care given to them.
    Objectives: To provide information about the trend of admissions to the ICU and to compare mortality rate from different etiologies in Al Shifa Medical Complex (SMC) in Gaza Strip (GS).
    Methods: From January 2017 to December 2017, ICU records of all admissions, discharges, and deaths were utilized for the purpose of this study. Data extracted from the records included age, gender, diagnosis and outcome.
    Results: A total of 711 patients were admitted to ICU, males were 453 (63.7%) and females were 258 (36.3%). About 668 (93.9%) were survived and 43 (6.1%) were died. Most of the patients (57.9%) were between 19-65 years. The mortality rate in surgical hospital (58.1%), medical hospital (41.9%) and in obstetrics and gynecology hospital was zero.The majority of patients 144 (59.7%) were shifted from emergency of medical hospital to ICU. A sever traumatic brain injury accounted for 202 (47.0%) of all surgical admission to ICU. Falling down and road traffic accidents accounted 82 (40.6%) and 46 (22.8%) respectively from neurosurgical cases.
    Conclusions: Majority patients admitted to ICU were of surgical hospital and neurosurgical cases. The survival rate is higher than in the past years. The mortality rate in our ICU decreased from 8.6% towas6.1% and in obstetrics and gynecology hospital zero. Increase awareness of the community and enhanced commitment among policy makers to prevent falling down and road traffic injury.
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