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About Us
JSciMed Central publishes international, peer-reviewed science, medicine, and engineering journals. It is an Open Access platform to support scientific innovation and advancement in the research community by increasing access to peer-reviewed quality research articles.
We host internationally-recognized, peer-reviewed journals to serve the scientific and medical community with validated and quality content across the broad range of disciplines, including medicine, clinical science, chemistry, and engineering. The JSciMed Central Member Journals Editorial Board and Review Board ensures JSciMed Central Journals maintain the highest standards in scientific rigor. Additionally, all of the articles published with JSciMed Central are permanently archived, providing unrestricted use and dissemination of the scientific information. All content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
Our Mission
JSciMed Central encourages the advancement of high-quality research on the international stage by supporting the science and technology publishing and the unrestricted flow of scientific information through the Open Access platform.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
While engaged in publishing high-quality research manuscripts from the developed nations, JSciMed Central is also committed to promote R&D in low-income countries. As a socially responsible organization, JSciMed Central continuously supports scientists and physicians from low-income countries (LIC classification 2014, World Bank) to share their research findings and medical cases through JSciMed Central platform.
JSciMed Central also participates in supporting and promoting medical advocacy groups to educate the patients and their families with recent developments in relevant fields.

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