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Author FAQ's
What fully Open Access Journals are available in your Publishing group?
Ans: Please visit the mentioned link /journals.php to view the list of Journals that are available with us.
How do I submit my Manuscript to the JSciMed Central Journal?
Ans: Papers can be submitted directly to the email ID: or click on the Journal of interest to submit a manuscript in the Authors tab. For more details on Manuscript formatting you can refer the mentioned link /authorguide.php
What type of articles does JSciMed Central publish?
Ans: We publish majorly 5 kinds of article type's namely Original submissions as Research Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports, Short Reports and Perspectives.
*Note: Perspectives are one page editorials submitted by the Editorial Board Members of our Journals.
How do I know whether my manuscript have been received by the Editorial office and to whom shall I contact incase I have further queries?
Ans: Author will receive the confirmation letter of his/her submission within 48 hours. For further queries, you can directly mail us to the respective Journal email ID or
Could I get any help with English-language editing?
Ans: Professional editing is recommended for non native English speakers for better access to the papers by reviewers.
What is Open Access Publishing License?
Ans: JSciMed Central journals publish open access articles under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits use, distribution and reproducing authority in any medium, once the original work is cited properly
Can I order reprints of the Article?
Ans: You must order at least 100 copies or more. Orders will be processed in 10- 12 business days after the final printing with a fee.
When will my paper be published?
Ans: We publish the paper within 3 days of Acceptance. The final proof would be sent to the author before publication to avoid further author corrections.
How do I become peer-Reviewer to the Journal?
Ans: Kindly contact and express your interest.
Do I get discounts on submitting multiple papers?
Ans: Yes, we provide reasonable discounts on more than two submissions.

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