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Open Access
Open Access stands for limitless use and reuse at the point of access through internet. Earlier, many of the publishers owe copyrights to the content published with them, which locked the free access due to pay-to-download barriers. JSciMed Central® Open Access platform has provided numerous advancements by unlocking the limit and accessibility at your finger tips. Now with us authors can publish their research with minimal charge, their articles are easily accessed by reader, and used providing proper citations. The JSciMed Central® Open Access journals content is universally available in an easily readable format on internet. JSciMed Central® Journals are strictly adhered to all the Open Access policies. All the published content is permanently deposited in the archive reservoir.
JSciMed Central® Open Access Journals deposit all its content under Creative Common Attribution License and it allows copyrights to disseminate the work. Most of the authors choose Open Access to maximize their research impact. Open Access Articles are usually more cited than the pay-to-download articles which shows that the limitless access provides the author more weightage by having his/her work cited frequently.
Benefits of Open Access Archiving
  • High Visibility for your work
  • Open Access Journals exclude price barriers- Subscriptions, pay per view fee and License fees
  • Content is permanently archived in the Publishing repositories
  • Excludes accessing barriers- readers need not pay
  • Search Engines provide easy access to required content
  • Peer Review ensures polishing the existing standards via Open Access platform
  • Open Access Journals excludes permission barriers- copyright and licensing restrictions

CC BY License

We focus to provide the simplest choice of user license options which portrays how readers can reuse open access articles published on our platforms.
JsciMed Central uses Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license

  • copy, distribute and transmit work
  • adapt work
  • Make commercial utilization of the work under the condition that the user must attribute the work in the way determined by the author or licensor (but not in any way that proposes they support the user or their utilization of the work).

Work made available under CC BY allows anyone to copy, distribute, transmit, adapt and make use of the material.

JSciMed Central® Peer-reviewed Open Access Journals

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