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    Why publish with us?
    Our aim of Journal of Aging & Age Related Diseases is to publish and advance international research in aging and age-related diseases through the flow of scientific information and the Open Access platform. We envision a world with open access to education, resources, and tools to build a better future and more productive society. With Open Access publishing, people, whether researchers, students, organizations, and/or families, have access to scientific findings that can be used to make positive change. By publishing with us, you would be supporting the bigger vision of open access to scientific findings, closing the education gap, increasing knowledge, and bettering the community.

    What are other benefits to publishing with Open Access?
      • Your paper is more visible. With Open Access, everyone is able to download your findings as soon as it is published. Open Access articles lead to more downloads, usage of your work by other scientists, and more citations.
      • Your research will reach more people. Open Access ensures that everyone including broader audiences is able to view your article free of charge.
      • You have the copyright and can share immediately. Because you retain the copyright, you are able to easily share your work to those who wish to read it. You can use the published pdf version of your manuscript for personal, educational, and non-commercial uses.
      • There are no limitations to the number of pages, images, and tables published, or publishing in color.
      • Open Access peer reviewed articles maintain high-quality standards. You can be sure that your article will be reviewed by subject matter experts from our international Editorial Board and external peer-reviewers. Stringent peer-review will provide constructive feedback on your manuscript and research work, that may guide you with future research directions.
    Why are there publication fees?
    All articles are Open Access and available to anyone as soon as they are published, Journal of Aging & Age Related Diseases off sets the cost of operations by having an Article Processing Charge (APC). The cost of production and operations include: on and offline resources and tools for editors, peer-reviewers, authors, and editorial staff members; article production and hosting; abstracting and indexing services; customer service; human resources, and media outreach to share published works and journals. This APC is charged before publishing and after the final product has been produced; the charge is payable by the author, institution, or funder. For your convenience, the charge is tax free and payable by every major credit card service, wire or check.

    Do you offer financial resources or assistance?
    The ability to pay is not a criterion to decide to publish an author’s article.
      • If you are serving as an Editorial Board member for Journal of Aging & Age Related Diseases, the fee to publish in journal is waived. To see the specific qualifications, roles and responsibilities of Editorial Board members, click here: /editorguide.php
      • We offer discounts or waivers to those who need financial assistance or those who are publishing from institutions or areas from low income countries. We use the World Bank Country Classification table to identify low income countries.
      • Countries classified as low income as per World Bank Classification:
        • MADAGASCAR
        • BENIN
        • MALAWI
        • BURKINA FASO
        • MALI
        • BURUNDI
        • MOZAMBIQUE
        • NEPAL
        • CHAD
        • NIGER
        • COMOROS
        • RWANDA
        • CONGO, DEM. REP.
        • SENEGAL
        • ERITREA
        • SIERRA LEONE
        • ETHIOPIA
        • SOMALIA
        • GAMBIA, THE
        • SOUTH SUDAN
        • GUINEA
        • TANZANIA
        • TOGO
        • HAITI
        • UGANDA
        • ZIMBABWE
        • LIBERIA

      • To see if you qualify for a discount or waiver, contact our editorial office to receive the discount/waiver form. Contact us at: aging@jscimedcentral.com
      • Additionally, you may be able to receive funding assistance from your institution, Open Access funders, or organizations. To inquire, contact the places directly.
    What are the article processing charges (APCs)?
    The following is the publication fee for different types of articles published in Journal of Aging & Age Related Diseases.

    Original Research Article, Review Article, Short Communication, Perspective, Clinical Trials: $1410
    Clinical Case Report: $1128 (20% of the fee is waived to promote clinical case studies)

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