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    About the Journal
    JSM Allergy and Asthma is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes papers of the highest quality and significance in that encompasses all aspects of the pathogenesis and treatment of allergic and immunologic disease.
    As a part JSciMed Central® Open Access platform, JSM Allergy and Asthma supports the scientific innovation and advancement in high-quality papers documenting recent advances and new developments in all fields of reports on basic research and clinically applied studies in the following areas and other related topics: asthma and occupational lung disease, rhino conjunctivitis and rhino sinusitis, allergic skin diseases, anaphylaxis and food allergy, immunotherapy, immune deficiency and autoimmunity, T cell and B cell functions, mast cell and eosinophil functions, complement abnormalities, in all experimental and clinical research community by increasing access to peer reviewed scientific literature. JSciMed Central® also brings multiple internationally peer reviewed member journals under one roof thereby encouraging knowledge sharing, collaboration and promotion of interdisciplinary science.
    The purpose of the journal is to provide a platform for the publication of high-quality papers documenting recent advances and new developments in all fields focuses on the spectrum of diseases caused by different allergens like asthma with an emphasis on clinical research and the latest discoveries for diagnosis and cure. It also includes recent advances that improve the understanding of disease and the safe and effective treatment of patients. The journal welcomes original papers, review articles, case reports, and short communications, as well as short technical reports.
    The Journal covers to improve the whole scope of in the fields of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.
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