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  • ISSN: 2333-6641
    Volume 6, Issue 1
    Review Article
    Suraci N*, Garcia P, and Poliwoda S
    When thinking of patient infection in the operating room setting, the anesthesiologist is not the first vector that comes to mind. However; several studies have demonstrated a connection between infection and the anesthetic clinician. Many of the infections induced by the clinician are due to cross contamination, inadequate hand hygiene, and infrequent cleaning of the anesthesia machine and equipment. In order to bring attention to the problem of anesthesiologist-mediated infection, we review the current literature as well as contemporary recommendations and interventions to identify preventable infections that can occur from the anesthesiologist and their work place in the operating room. This review is to provide better awareness of this growing problem and provide a better outlet for improved patient care.
    Case Report
    Urvashi Tandon* and Deepak Dwivedi
    This inhalational agent has been in use since 1844 [1]. Of late there have been numerous debates on whether Nitrous Oxide should be used at all in the clinical practice of Anaesthesia. As it appears to be gradually phasing out of anaesthetic practice, here is a quick review on the properties of this gas, its clinical advantages and disadvantages.
    Teng-Fei Ma*
    Research utilizes a cyclical process of steps in order to conduct a study to prove or disprove a hypothesis or answer a specific question [1-2].
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