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    Volume 5, Issue 2
    Case Report
    Sanchez Sanchez M*, Albareda Landivar J, Cano Serrano AM, Garcia Rubio MJ, and Marcello Fernandez ME
    Pelvic actinomycosis is an uncommon clinical entity related to the long-standing use of an intrauterine device. Actinomycosis is a chronic bacterial infection that remains a clinical challenge, not only due to its low incidence rates, but also, as it is a nonspecific clinical presentation. It is defined by its infiltrative and invasive potential, being often mistaken with malignant conditions. Medical treatment is the gold standard whilst surgery is reserved only for complex cases with large abscesses and fistulas.
    Daniel C. Indorato*
    Following a traumatic brain injury, a 24-year-old Caucasian male presents with a recent onset of generalized spasticity, contractures, severe cognitive defects, suggesting a diagnosis of catatonia. The patient was immobile and would demonstrate intermittent periods of screaming and emotional arousal. An Ativan (lorazepam) trial was performed, in which arousal; attention, alertness, and cognition were monitored. Improvements in attention, arousal, and cognition after the application of lorazepam were observed. The findings in this case report suggest that a lorazepam treatment protocol could rapidly and efficiently relieve catatonic-like symptoms in a TBI patient without the presence of a mental disorder.
    Karina Correa Ebrahim, Dayanne Alba Chiumento, Barbara Pereira de Lara, Itamar Regazzo Pedreschi Porto, and Ivan Roberto Bonotto Orso*
    Duodenal intramural hematoma is an uncommon condition in adults, and is usually associated with ab-dominal trauma. Most non-traumatic related cases are associated with anticoagulants treatments, blood dyscrasia, pancreatic diseases, arterial aneurysm rupture or endoscopic procedures. On this article, we will present a 28 years old male patient case, with previous immunosuppression condition due to renal and pancreas transplantation whom developed duodenal intramural hematoma after endoscopic treatment on a bleeding stomach and duodenal ulcer and its following chosen treatment.
    Luis Costa*, Ana Pedroso, Ana Lourenco, Fatima Granho, and Luis Campos
    The consumption of dietary supplements containing ephedrine and other alkaloids derived from them is quite high all over the world and is mainly used for the purpose of weight loss.
    This consumption has several risks for the general population and for the regulators, since their dissemination is faster than the clinical trials that prove and guarantee its effectiveness and safety of use.
    We present a case of a 50 year old male patient who regularly took Ephedrine Level. Although he did not present risk factors for cardiovascular disease, he was admitted, in a hospital unit, due to an acute sensory-motor deficit of the left hemi body.
    Mohd Kashif Imran, Krishna Prasad, Amal Abraham, Praveen GP, Dinesh Kumar Sathanantham* and Mohd Kashif Imran
    Fournier's gangrene is an uncommon rare, debilitating and fulminant condition of infective origin which is characterized by sudden scrotal edema with rapid onset of gangrene leading to exposure of the scrotal contents. It is usually a localized disease of the scrotum and penis, with an occasional extension up to the abdominal wall. The usual organism is an anaerobic streptococcus synergistic with other organisms. A 65-year-old male presented with fever and pain and a brownish-black discoloration of the penis, of 8 days and difficulty in passing urine and dribbling of urine from mid shaft of the penis. Our case is rare as just penis was involved, without the involvement of scrotum which is very rare. The management of the present condition involves hospitalization, early debridement of the entire shaft of the penis distal to the devastated area, without excising the normal skin, parenteral broad-spectrum antibiotics, and skin grafting.
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