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    Volume 5, Issue 3
    Case Report
    Saraf Priyamvada and Singh Rajpal*
    Hair tourniquet syndrome is a rare condition occurring in children particularly young infants. It is a surgical emergency and is characterized by circumferential tourniquet of hair or any fibre of one or more appendages. It causes oedema, ischemia, necrosis and even amputation of digits of any structure strangulated by it.
    We hereby present a case study of hair tourniquet syndrome affecting right thumb of an infant 5 months of age. The aim of this study is to increase awareness amongst medical personnel to diagnose and treat this condition at the earliest to prevent untoward complications.
    Mark G. Trombetta*, Shaakir Hasan, Mary Beth Malay, and Thomas B. Julian
    Ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence [IBTR] following conservation therapy for early breast cancer occurs in women in small, but significant numbers. The standard of care for such recurrences has developed as salvage mastectomy in most of the literature, despite a lack of evidence-based methodology. Repeat surgical conservation with retreatment radiotherapy is an emerging standard of care and is being developed with significant evidence-based trials supporting such. In this emerging evidence, the volume of retreated breast tissue has been found to directly correlate with retreatment cosmesis as graded by the Harvard cosmesis scoring system proposed in 1979 and still in use today. We present the case of a patient who developed an IBTR with confoundingimagingcharacteristics in proximity to the original malignancy which required wider re-excision and which may have required a significant volume of breast retreatment without some method of limiting radiotherapeutic retreatment volume.
    Anand M, Rahul Singh R*, and A Bhaskaran
    Congenital pulmonary airway malformation (CPAM) of the lung is a rare lesion that typically manifests as neonatal respiratory distress, secondary to progressive expansion of the affected lung. Three distinct types have been described, based on the size of the cysts and the microscopic appearance. Type II lesions may carry a poor prognosis because of associated renal and cardiac anomalies. Malformations can involve the lung parenchyma, airways, pulmonary or systemic arteries, pulmonary or systemic veins, fistulas with the gastrointestinal tract, or defects in the diaphragm, and various combinations of these. We present a case of one month old baby with CPAM, which led to initial diagnostic difficulty, but was later managed appropriately, at this institution, located in a backward rural area, of Karnataka.
    Pawel Legosz*, Krzysztof Pakosinski, and Sylwia Sarzynska
    Treatment of a patient with breast cancer with bone metastases remains a challenge for orthopaedic surgeons and oncologists. Problem is especially important since breast cancer is still the most common cancer in women and bone metastases are most common metastatic site. We present a case report where treatment of proximal femur metastasis five years after primary breast cancer diagnosis not only relieved patient from symptoms, increased patient life quality, but also had great impact on systemic tumor treatment due to histopathological examination of metastasis to proximal femur.
    Xin Wang, Shulang Wang, Jing zhu Zhao, Jie Gao, Ming Gao, Yigong Li, Dapeng Li, and Xiang qian Zheng
    Occult thyroid carcinoma is rare in the clinic. Here we report a case of a 52-year-old woman without a history of papillary thyroid carcinoma who presented with lateral neck lymph node metastasis measuring maximum diameter 16mm found on thyroid ultrasonography during a health checkup. The patient underwent a total thyroid thyroidectomy and right cervical lymph nodes dissection and left central cervical lymph nodes dissection. According to the pathological examination, she was diagnosed with papillary thyroid micro carcinoma. Occult thyroid carcinoma with lateral neck lymph node metastasis and suspicious lung metastasis is an extremely rare case; we reported this case to improve the management of similar cases.
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