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    Volume 3, Issue 5
    Mini Review
    Ethem Unal, Aylin Acar*, Tolga Canbak, and H. Kerem Tolan
    Hepatic hemangiomas are the most common benign primary tumors of the liver. Although they are usually incidental findings during imaging studies of the abdomen performed for other reasons, hemangiomas warrant therapy if they are causing significant symptoms.Clinical presentation of hemangioma may mimic that of hepatocellular carcinoma. Furthermore, radiologic features on computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging may not be typical for hemangioma and can be confused with hepatocellular carcinoma.The management of a large (>10 cm) hepatic hemangioma is controversial. Moreover, the management of a large asymptomatic lesion is not clear-cut. In the present study, we reviewed the clinical approach to hemangiomas and the management, from observation to hepatic transplantation.
    Sven E. Wilson*
    In a long course of research across many countries, marriage is associated with better health and lower mortality. Obesity is an important exception to this empirical regularity, since most studies find that marriage is associated with higher body weight. This is an important exception in understanding and applying the nexus of health and marriage in practice. Nonetheless, important clinical and public health body weight. A spouse is in many ways a mirror on the health of his or her partner, and body weight is the most readily observable risk factor. This review essay argues for a greater focus on family-based delivery of health care.
    Research Article
    Sabrina L. McIlwrath and Karin N. Westlund*
    Background & aims: Studies in the past decade report worldwide increase of pediatric pancreatitis. The present study focuses on aUnited States region where the first genes associated with hereditary pancreatitis were identified. Aim of the study was to investigate incidences of acute pancreatitis, recurrent acute pancreatitis, and chronic pancreatitis, collecting demographics, etiologies, and comorbid conditions using charted ICD-9-CM codes.
    Methods: Retrospective chart review was performed on de-identified patient records of hospitalizations at University of Kentucky hospitals between 2005 and 2013.
    Results: Of 234 children diagnosed during the 9 year time period, 69.2% (n=162) had a single episode of acute, 27.8% (65) recurrent acute, and 16.2% (38) chronic pancreatitis. Surprisingly, the annual incidence for first time diagnosis of acute pancreatitis was significantly higher for female patients (16.1, 95% CI: 13.5-18.7 per 100,000, P<0.005) compared to males (9.1, 95% CI: 6.8-11.4). Comorbid conditions varied widely depending on patients' age. Between 33.3-46.2% presented with digestive system symptoms, 12.8-26.3% with diseases of stomach and duodenum, and 10.6-31.6% with systemic diseases. Biliary disease was the most common etiology for single acute (28.4% of cases) and recurrent acute pancreatitis (16.9% of cases). Nineteen of 65 patients with recurrent acute pancreatitis developed chronic pancreatitis (29.2%), while only 3 of 162 with a single bout of acute pancreatitis returned with chronic pancreatitis (P<0.0001).
    Conclusions: These findings identify a prevalent disease progression from recurrent acute pancreatitis to chronic pancreatitis in the Kentucky pediatric patient population that could be due to hereditary predisposition and other geographically relevant health factors.
    Case Report
    Gurminder Singh1, Rina Singh*, Ramandeep Singh Gambhir, Himanshu Singh, and Harpreet Kaur
    Vaginal agenesis is a condition in which the reproductive system of a female fails to develop in the mother's uterus. The child may be born without a vagina or have other reproductive organs absent. Apart from prevailing physical abnormality it can cause severe psychological stress in young women. In this case report a young woman with vaginal agenesis who reported to the Dept. of Prosthodontics for the fabrication of a dilation prosthesis which was to be used after the surgery to maintain a patent passage and is useful to lead a normal life thereafter.
    Short Communication
    Monica K. Esquivel*, Marie K. Fialkowski, Tanisha Aflague, and Rachel Novotny
    Child care center policies have the potential to contribute to childhood obesity prevention. Policies at these centers vary by state and funding agency and barriers to implementation decreases compliance. The objective of this study was to engage Head Start (HS) teachers to inform a preschool wellness policy intervention for childhood obesity prevention. Two focus groups on preschool wellness policy were composed of HS teachers from two previously randomized communities. Focus groups were facilitated by one researcher and took place in May 2014 in Hawai'i. Sixteen teachers participated in one of two focus groups (n=6 and n=10) and were asked to give recommendations for policies to support childhood obesity prevention in their classrooms. Audio recordings were transcribed verbatim. Three researchers identified themes following an inductive method. Teachers 1) valued being a positive influence on the development of children, 2) saw that policy supported a safe classroom environment and encouraged consistent role modeling, and 3) saw gaps in resources as a barrier to promoting health. Policies are needed that facilitate teachers being role models of health and teachers' efficacy in addressing nutrition with parents through training and technical assistance. The necessity of a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist was identified to support these efforts. Findings informed policy changes for an intervention study.
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