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    Editorial Board
    1. Anna Malykhina, University of Colorado Denver, USA
    2. Michael Dahan, McGill University, Canada
    3. Alessio Giuseppe Morganti, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
    4. Jue Wang, University of Arizona, USA
    5. Giampiero Capobianco, University in Sassari, Italy
    6. Haytham M Shebel, Mansoura University, Egypt
    7. Alexandra M Kalogeraki, University of Crete, Greece
    8. Alberto Pérez-Lanzac, Hospital Universitario Puerta del Mar, Spain
    9. Peter Whelan, University of Leeds, UK
    10. Rajul Rastogi, Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College & Research Center, India
    11. Archika Gupta, King George's Medical University, India
    12. Atef M Darwish, Women's Health University Hospital, Egypt
    13. Giorgia Perniola, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
    14. Julian E. Losanoff, University of Nevada School of Medicine, USA
    15. Jittima Manonai, Mahidol University, Thailand
    16. Lavano Angelo, University of Catanzaro, Italy 
    17. Silvio Henrique Maia de Almeida, State University of Londrina, Brazil
    18. Anjana Chauhan, Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, India
    19. Athanasios Papatsoris, Sismanoglio General Hospital, Greece
    20. Ahmad Khalifa, Case Western Reserve University, USA
    21. Tiago Sampaio Vieira, HPP - Medicina Molecular; Lenitudes Medical Center & Research, Portugal
    22. Vivek Kumar Kashyap, University of Tennessee Health Science Centre, India
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