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  • ISSN: 2378-9409
    Early Online
    Volume 4, Issue 1
    Mini Review
    Emerson Sebastiao*, Michael Mangino, and Vitor AAA Siqueira
    Aims: This commentary aimed to briefly describe and discuss health reasons on why older adults should engage in high intensity incidental physical activity (HIIPA). Our intention with this initial manuscript is to start a discussion on the potential of this type of physical activity for the older adult population.
    Methods: To demonstrate, we used the health benefits observed for the fasting emerging high intensity interval training (HIIT) literature to make the case for HIIPA.
    Results: Based on the close structural relationship between HIIPA and HIIT, as a relatively intense physical exertion type of incidental physical activity, HIIPA has the potential to improve physical and cognitive health among older adults.
    Conclusions: It is reasonable to believe that HIIPA has the potential to engender similar physical and cognitive health benefits as to HIIT in older adults. Partaking in regular PA is a major investment in health as it provides benefits that cannot be obtained in other way. Thus, HIIPA may be a good adjunct for older adults to help this population increase their physical activity level, enabling them to acquire additional health benefits from their daily activities.
    James E. Thornton*
    It is my hope that my thoughts, so briefly sketched here, will fully express my thanks to both Jim and Betty Birren for our many, enormously engaging experiences offered since our first meeting in 1979 at University of British Columbia. Jim and Betty Birren entered my life as a team and partners as recipients of the Cecil and Ida Green Visiting Professorship, University of British Columbia. They returned to UBC during the 1980-90s for conferences and symposia; and Jim consulted with the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, on the prospects of a Centre on Aging at UBC. I visited Jim and Betty often prior to his retirement from the University of Southern California and his subsequent affiliation at University of California, Los Angeles, staying in my bedroom in their home in Pacific Palisades on most of these visits.
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