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    Early Online
    Volume 3, Issue 1
    Case Report
    Rohan Bidaye*, Kantilal Desarda, Jaimini Thakkar, and William CS
    Adenoid tissue is one of the first line immunological defense mechanisms for the upper aero-digestive tract and reaches its maximum size between 3-7 years of age. Its atrophy starts from 10 years and is usually complete by 20 years of age. However, in the current clinical practice, we do encounter adenoid hypertrophy in adult patients. Persistence of adenoid tissue in adults is either due to chronic inflammation or re-proliferation of regressed adenoid tissue. Important predisposing factors are pollution and smoking. Adenoid hypertrophy most commonly presents with snoring or bilateral nasal obstruction. Our case report describes a 31-year-old female with snoring and nasal obstruction who was diagnosed with adenoid hypertrophy by a flexible nasal endoscopy and confirmed with a CT scan. She underwent adenoidectomy as a two-step procedure, starting with the conventional curettage and removal of the bulk followed by removal of the remnant tissue with the help of a Coblation. The diagnosis was confirmed by histopathological examination of the tissue removed by curettage. Coblation adenoidectomy is becoming popular as an alternative technique for adenoidectomy, as it helps in complete removal with minimal blood loss. Adenoid hypertrophy should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of adults suffering from bilateral nasal obstruction.
    Sunil Bapat, Rohan Bidaye*, and Sachin Gandhi
    Difficult airway is a clinical situation in which a conventionally trained anaesthesiologisthas trouble with either facemask ventilation of the upper airway, difficulty with tracheal intubation, or both. The Frova® intubating introducer (Cook Medical, Bloomington, USA) is anintubating bougie with a high success rate for tracheal intubation. In this article, we describe the successful use of the Frova® intubating introducer for interval ventilation and debulking with laser in a patient with a difficult airway. A 37-year-old male patient presented to the Emergency Department with a severely compromised airway due to Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (RRP). Inability to intubate with an endotracheal tube, the Frova® was introduced and kept in situ. This provided us enough time to debulk the lesion and secure the airway with an Endo-Tracheal tube thus tiding over the difficult situation. This case report is the first of its kind describing the use of an intubating bougie for interval ventilation during laser debulking.
    Tepedino M*
    Impacted teeth are surely a challenge for orthodontists, oral surgeons and general dentists. Among all, impacted canines are the teeth that have the most relevant clinical impact, due to their aesthetical and functional importance for the occlusion. There is still an open debate about the most efficient type of intervention to resolve a canine impaction.
    Research Article
    Elmas Muhsin*
    Background: Head circumference measurement is an indirect and simple calculation method used to determine whether brain growth progresses normally.
    Aims: The head circumference is directly proportional to the mental performance of the person. We hypothesized that the head circumference of medical students is larger than the normal population.
    We also searched 20 clinical data of medical students.
    Study design: According to the literature, as the head circumference increases, it increases in mental and cognitive functions. We thought that the width of the head circumference should have increased at medical students compared to the normal population.
    Methods: A total of twenty parameters were investigated for 408 medical students (229 males and 179 females).
    Results: The lowest head circumference in women: 51 cm, the highest in women: 58 cm, the average in women: 54, 52 (50p), the lowest in men: 52, 5 cm, the highest in men: 62, 5 cm, the average in men: 57, 06 (60p). There was no significant relationship between head circumference and birth style, birth time, motor, language and social development stages.
    Conclusion: Although it seems like a primitive method, the head circumference provides quick and easy information about the mental functions of a person.
    Lida Velazque Rojas, Rayane de Oliveira Pinto, Izabel Maria Marchi de Carvalho and Gisele da Silva Dalben*
    G/BBB is a heterogeneous disorder, with variant X-linked inheritance associated with the chromosomal region Xp22. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to determine the prevalence of dental anomalies in individuals with Opitz G/BBB syndrome (G/BBB) and cleft lip and palate associated with hypertelorism (CLP/H) compared to two control groups. 22 individuals with G/BBB and 14 with CLP/H, above eight years of age, and two control groups paired for gender and age - non-syndromic cleft lip and palate (CLEFT), and without morphofunctional alterations (WMFA) composed the sample. Hypoplastic, hyperplastic and heterotopic anomalies were analyzed on panoramic radiographs, obtained before orthodontic treatment. The results were analyzed by descriptive statistics. Comparisons between groups was performed by the Dunn's method, and the number of dental anomalies was evaluated by the Kruskal-Wallis test (p<0.05). All individuals with G/BBB syndrome and CLP/H presented at least one dental anomaly, with predominance of hypoplastic alterations, mainly anomalies of number as hypodontia and supernumerary teeth, followed by heterotopic alterations with predominance of rotation. The frequency of hypodontia and supernumerary teeth was significantly higher compared with WMFA group and without significant difference from the CLEFT group. Eight supernumerary teeth were identified in the mandibular midline and three mesiodens in the maxillary region. For diagnostic evaluation of individuals suspected to have these syndromes, it is suggested to investigate the occurrence of supernumerary teeth in the midline in both deciduous and permanent dentitions.
    Research Article
    Leticia Maria Ramos Zanchetta, Patricia Jost, Adriano Porto Peixoto, Beatriz Costa and Gisele da Silva Dalben*
    The Treacher Collins syndrome is a genetic disorder with prevalence of 1:50,000 livebirths, characterized by multiple craniofacial deformities, requiring high-complex and multidisciplinary treatment. This study analyzed the occurrence of dental anomalies in individuals with Treacher Collins syndrome, by analysis of computed tomographies obtained before orthodontic or surgical treatment, to analyze the dental findings associated with the syndrome. The study was conducted on computed tomographies of 42 individuals, among which 20 were excluded according to the study criteria, 4 had no alterations, and 18 individuals presented dental anomalies. There was high prevalence of anomalies of number and position, especially hypodontia (23.8%) and rotations (23.8%).
    Abraham Tamir*
    The human body is the entire structure of a human being and comprises a head, neck, trunk (which includes the thorax and abdomen), arms and hands, legs and feet. Every part of the body is composed of various types of cell.
    Abraham Tamir*
    In a previous article (June 2007) the author discussed qualitatively the symmetry of human face.
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