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    Early Online
    Volume 3, Issue 2
    Research Article
    Malin Rising Holmstrom*, Marie Häggstrom and Siv Soderberg
    Introduction: When a child is diagnosed with a long-term illness such as diabetes type 1(DT1) parents often find it stressful to give optimum support to the child and to manage the situation especially when the child is in school. Parents experience that the stress to manage life with Diabetes Type 1, means to constant monitor blood glucose, to assist with insulin injections, food intake and physical activity, in order to optimum disease management.
    Aim: To explore how parents' of children with Diabetes Type 1 experienced their role as a parent.
    Loh SY*, Khamis K, Lee PC, Lee MH, and Ow KL
    Research activities, skills and training needs for health care professionals (HCP) is fundamental for advancing the standards and quality for delivering health care services. This study aims to survey the level of research activity, research skills, training needs, and the research capacity of the healthcare professionals. A universal sampling targeted at the three key therapy disciplines - Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech therapy (ST) and Physiotherapy (PT) was conducted. 195 HCP were approached using a 33-item survey questionnaire.
    Review Article
    Mary Olufunmilayo Adekson*
    Many members of minority groups of our population do not find it amenable to consult or visit mental health centers and counseling professionals. There are many reasons why this is so. This article discusses what mental health clinicians can do to improve access to minorities' mental health care. The suggestions and points raised with support from reviewed literature can ultimately lead to improved visits from this population. Discussions about training, encouraging, empowering, learning from and understanding minorities' culture were discussed.
    Letter to the Editor
    Henry Tulgan*
    Sixty one years ago, my father a Ph.D, M.D, cardiac Physiologist and practicing Cardiologist died from Glioblastoma. I have often, in jest, remarked that were he to be resurrected and placed back in his clinic, with the remarkable changes in medicine that have been made since his death, he wouldn’t know how to begin.
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