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    Effect of Citrate Salts of Li+, Na+ and K+ on Some Physical Properties of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
    Authors:Zaki N. Kadhim1*, Alaa K. Ibraheem2, Mohammed J. Alassadi1
    Abstract: The citric acid was used as a water reducer, setting time retarder and workable time extender admixture on ordinary Portland cement (OPC). The changes in compressive strength, permeability and rebar corrosion upon addition of this admixture were studied.
    Electrochemical Determination of Uric Acid using Nano Resin Modified Carbon Paste Electrode as a New Sensor
    Authors:Hossein Rajabi*, Meissam Noroozifar, Najmeh Sabbaghi
    Abstract: fast, simple and sensitive uric acid sensor was prepared by nano resin. The modified electrode offers a considerable improvement in voltammetric sensitivity toward uric acid, compared to the bare electrode.
    • Planetary Seismology Simulants
    • Brian Stern, Vera DeFilippo, Arthur Ballato*
    • Citation: Stern B, DeFilippo V, Ballato A (2017) Planetary Seismology Simulants. J Mater Appl Sci 1(1): 1003
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