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    Aims & Scope
    JSM Mathematics and Statistics is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal that brings about latest research happenings in all the related fields of pure, applied Mathematics and Statistics. The Journal invites new advanced mathematical and statistical techniques that are used to mock-up and evaluate products in almost every department of science & technology.
    The Journal covers a major part of Mathematics such as General Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Theoretical Mathematics as well as Basic and Applied Statistics.
    JSM Mathematics & Statistics is a high quality journal that covers mentioned topics but not limited to the following areas:
    • Algebra
    • Algebraic Geometry
    • General Topology
    • Algebraic Topology
    • Analysis & PDEs
    • Geometry
    • Mathematical Logic & Foundations
    • Number Theory
    • Probability & Statistics
    • Representation Theory
    • Combinatorics
    • Computational Biology
    • Physical Applied Mathematics
    • Computational Science & Numerical Analysis
    • Theoretical Computer Science
    • Theoretical Physics
    • Measure Theory
    • Ordinary Differential Equations
    • Operators on Hilbet space
    • Multivariable Calculus
    • Complex Analysis
    • Spectral Approximation
    • Theory of Analytic Functions
    • Algebraic Number Theory
    • Dynamical Systems
    • Nonlinear Analysis
    • Analytic Number Theory
    • Modern Theory of Partial Differential Equations
    • Representation Theory of Finite Groups
    • Spline Theory and Variational Methods
    • Differential Geometry
    • Mathematical Theory of Finite Elements
    • Elements of Differential Topology
    • Introduction Mathematical Software
    • Applied Stochastic Processes
    • Basic Statistics
    • Applied Statistics
    • Actuarial Science
    • Applied Information Economics
    • Business Statistics
    • Chemometrics
    • Data Mining
    • Demography
    • Econometrics
    • Energy Statistics
    • Engineering Statistics
    • Geography and Geographic Information Systems
    • Image Processing
    • Reliability Engineering
    • Social Statistics
    • Bootstrap & Jackknife Resampling
    • Multivariate Statistics
    • Statistical Classification
    • Statistical Surveys
    • Structured Data Analysis
    • Structural Equation Modeling
    • Survival Analysis
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