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    Current Issue
    Volume 3, Issue 1
    Short Communication
    Roger M. Cooke*, Sassan Saatchi and Stephen Hagen
    Abstract: For a high dimensional field of random variables, global correlation is defined as the ratio of average covariance and average variance, and its elementary properties are studied. Global correlation is used to harmonize uncertainty assessments at global and local scales. It can be estimated by the correlation of random aggregations of fixed size of disjoint sets of random variables. Illustrative applications are given using crop loss per county per year and forest carbon.
    Mei-Qin Zhan*
    Abstract: In this article we will show that the phase-pock equations of Superconductivity have backward uniqueness. Backward uniqueness guarantees that the semi group generated by the solutions of phase-lock equations is injective, which plays an important role in understanding the long time dynamic properties of the solutions.
    Research Article
    Wei Huang and Xingde Dai*
    Abstract: Based on special finite solutions to systems of equations related to 2×2 integral expansive matrices with determinant 2 or -2, we construct examples of Haar wavelets in L2 (R2) associated with the matrices that are single function wavelets with MRA and look very like the original Haar wavelet in L2 (R).
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