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    Dual Protective Functions of Helicobacter pylori Peptidoglycan Modifications Impact Early and Late Survival in the Host
    Authors: Ge Wang* Leja F. Lo, and Robert J. Maier
    Structural motifs inherent in bacterial peptidoglycan (PG) are important recognition domains for some efficient host responses to pathogenic bacterial infection, so PG modifications by the infecting bacterium can neutralize host responses.
    Effect of Mechanical Mixing and Microbial Population Dynamics in Slurry-Phase Bioremediation
    Authors: Samuel C. Eziuzor1,2* and Gideon C. Okpokwasili2
    The need for high biodegradation rates requires application of microorganisms in controlled environmental and nutritional conditions. Soil slurry bioremediation is a powerful alternative to conventional methods in resolving environmental oil-contamination problems.
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