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    Submit a Manuscript

    Welcome to JSciMed Track My Paper©, we recommend all submissions to be sent via our newly launched online editorial tracking system. We do not publish articles those overlap existing Publications which is considered as a publication crime. JSciMed Track My Paper uses advanced technology to simplify your process of submission and track the status of your submission until Publication. Keeping you such valuable authors’ time, we have designed it as user-friendly as possible. If you suggest it could be much simplified, you may write your ideas to submissions@jscimedcentral.com. 

    A few quick author check points:

    • At the point of submission, the documents format must be in Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf) document. Figures and tables should be included within the document to make the submission simple. Only supplementary files must be submitted separately. For any formatting guidelines, you may follow the mentioned link: Author guidelines.
    • Only one of either corresponding authors or point of contact can access the Manuscript submitted tracking. If point of contact submits the Manuscript, Corresponding author cannot access the tracking status.
    Regular Issue Submission
    1. Download the cover letter: http://www.jscimedcentral.com/journals_name/coverletter
    2. Enter your personal data in the cover letter
    3. Mail the full manuscript along with cover letter at: JNTNM@jscimedcentral.com
    4. Acknowledgement will be received in 24hrs
    Special Issue Submission
    1. If it is been submitted to the Special Issue, it must be mentioned in the Cover Letter along with the Special Issue Title.
    2. Download the cover letter: http://www.jscimedcentral.com/journals_name/specialissuecoverletter
    3. Enter your personal data in the cover letter
    4. Mail the full manuscript along with cover letter at: JNTNM@jscimedcentral.com
    5. Acknowledgement will be received in 24hrs
    A confirmation mail will assure you that your manuscript has been received by the Editorial office. All the accepted manuscripts are subjected to nominal Article Processing Charges.
    Your manuscript should be submitted as a Word file/PDF. Follow the link for Author guidelines: http://www.jscimedcentral.com/authorguide.php
  • Current Issue Highlights
  • Principles and applications of dielectrophoresis (DEP) of biomolecules, suspended in aqueous medium, are reviewed.

    In this work, microporous TiO2 photocatalyst (IL-TiO2) with high photocatalytic performance was prepared via a sol-gel method using the ionic solvent

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