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    Volume 5 Issue 1
    Short Communicationt
    Zoraida Clavijo Chamorro*
    There are numerous psychosocial factors that influence the daily practice of nursing professionals. In order to understand these factors in depth and thus be able to act on them, this communication, which is part of a broader qualitative study, focuses on the study of the mental load at work in nursing health centers, using a structured interview and Discourse analysis to obtain results; The professionals explained that it is a factor that affects them and their work unfavorably, and all this is attributed to the mismanagement and disposition of time and its prioritization.
    Research Article
    Serpil Koz and Zeynep Gunes*
    Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is risk factor for coronary artery atherosclerosis. OSA and its risk factors evaluation isn't carried out routinely with the patients hospitalized on suspicion of coronary artery disease. Thus, the aim of this study was to examine the prevalence and risk factors of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and whether OSA risk factors and symptoms has any association with severity of stenosis. In a cross-sectional design, we collected data of 400 patients patients who underwent Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. To determine the obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome risk, the STOP-BANG were administered. Excessive daytime sleepiness was defined by a score ≥10 on the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Angiographic data obtained from coronary angiography' results of hospitals. Ethical approval was obtained for the study. Statistical analyses were performed using SPSS 20.0. Results were evaluated at 95% confidence interval and at p<0.05 significance level.
    The neck circumference size was ≥43cm in 18.5% of men, ≥38 cm in 66% of women. The mean age of them was 60.45±1.40, the mean of body mass index was 28.08±4.7. Normal coronary angiograms were obtained for 101patients. Over and half of the participants had OSA risky. In parallel with OSA risky, it was determined that vessel lession risk increased. According to the logistic regression analysis, risk factors of vessel obstruction were age, neck circumference, cigarette, male gender, hypertension and obesity.
    Conclusion: OSA risky is common in patients admitted to coronary angiography. There are association between OSA symptoms, presence of OSA risky and severity of stenosis.
    Case Report
    Bushra Sultan*
    Introduction: Nursing is a recognizable and distinct body of knowledge comprising of framework, models, and theories. The integration of nursing theories into clinical practice help the nurses to recognize the unique contribution that nurses made to health care service. Integration of Neuman system model helps to assess the stressor that affects patient system. By the application of this model nurses are better able to apply three level of prevention as intervention to reduce patient from stress.
    Aims: The study aims to assess the application of Neuman system model in stroke patient.
    Methodology: This document illustrates the application of nursing process of Neuman system model into stroke patient.
    Conclusion: Neuman system model is an effective model which can be easily applicable in stroke patient care. Stroke patient have multiple stressors. Nurses have a key role in reduction of theses stressor by applying prevention as intervention of Neuman system model.
    Bibi Hajira Irshad Ali*
    Theoretical framework always guides nursing practice and nurses follow the concepts from theoretical framework unconsciously. This paper highlights the applicability of Dorothea Orem's theory in a psychiatric patient. Dorothea Orem has identified the role of a nurse and an individual who need nursing care that she called as Self-Care Deficit Nursing theory. Orem has defined different concepts and each aspect is explained in detail. She tried to explain the role of nurse by mentioning terms such as nursing system (wholly compensatory, partly compensatory, supportive and educative system) and nursing agency (abilities). She defined sick patient as self-care deficit who have fewer agencies (abilities) and more demands (universal, developmental, health related and therapeutic). The paper will describe the usability of theory into practice that resulted in drastic change in practice and patient's early recovery.
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