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    Volume 6 Issue 1
    Case Report
    Shyrose Sultan*, Samreen Siraj, Afsheen Hirani, and Zainish Hajani
    Florence Nightingale is considered as the pioneer of nursing. Nurses have been looking upon her actions and work to guide their practice. Nightingale has provided 13 canons of nursing which when applied to nursing practice yields positive outcomes for patients. This environmental theory of nursing and amazingly environment has been playing a pivotal role in improving the care of patient. This paper presents a case on which Nightingale’s canons have been applied and described in detail. It is highlighted that holistic patient care is essential to achieve better health outcomes and how every aspect of life can play a pivotal role in health and healing. The hypotheses and recommendations provided will be helpful for medical professionals to understand the basic demand of patients and improving their environment to yield motivation and improved health outcomes.
    Research Article
    Jefferson Guerrero*
    Objective: The intention of this systematic literature review is to describe and explore the existing eminence of research evidence about clinical decision-making skills in undergraduate nursing students.
    Methods: Systematic review was conducted to determine the current knowledge approximately the chosen topic. PubMed and Science Direct online databases or systematic engine search were utilized to obtain the research articles relevant to this systematic review. The data consisted of 46 research articles about clinical decision-making skills using inclusion and exclusion criteria. The researcher used content and thematic analysis as a qualitative approach in reviewing the articles. Data analysis was implemented from November 10, 2018 to January 21, 2019.
    Results: This systematic literature review revealed three major themes emerged in this study. Such major theme includes pre-requisite skills, clinical decision making skills and clinical judgment. The first theme emerged is the pre-requisite skills. Sixteen (16) studies have cited pre-requisite skills in clinical decision-making. Under pre-requisite skills, the following sub-themes emerged which includes knowledge, skills, self-confidence, and self-efficacy. The second theme emerged is the clinical decision-making skills. In here, twenty-four (24) studies have supported that decision-making is an important clinical skill for undergraduate nursing students. Last major theme emerged is the nursing clinical judgment. Under this theme, eleven (11) studies have supported nursing clinical judgment. Three sub-themes were identified that influence nursing students’ clinical judgment. These include reflection, the learning environment and clinical teachers.
    Conclusion: In general, the need to assist undergraduate nursing students in anticipating and exercising pre-requisite skills, clinical decision making and professional nursing judgment is needed in their clinical placement setting.
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