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    Editorial Board
    1. Abbey Hardy-Fairbanks, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, USA
    2. Elizabeth Anne Bukusi, University of Washington, USA
    3. Gabor Huszar, Yale University School of Medicine, USA
    4. Maida Beth Taylor, Independent Consulting Engagements, USA
    5. Awoniyi Awonuga, Wayne State University School of Medicine, USA
    6. Gihan Mansour Bareh, The University of Texas Health Science center, USA
    7. Vadim V. Morozov, University of Maryland School Of Medicine, USA
    8. Jae-Wook Jeong, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, USA
    9. Kaei Nasu, Oita University, Japan
    10. Akihide Ohkuchi, Jichi Medical University School of Medicine, Japan
    11. Masoud Azodi, Yale University, USA
    12. Xiangbing Meng, University of Iowa, USA
    13. Liane Deligdisch, The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA
    14. Michael G. Kelly, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, USA
    15. Jennifer Jao, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA
    16. Tran Nam Duong Viet, UCSF Medical Center, USA
    17. Ronald Wang Chi Chiu, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong
    18. Rajeshwar Rao Tekmal, University of Texas Health Science Center, USA
    19. Bhattacharya S, University of Aberdeen, UK
    20. Zhibing Zhang, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
    21. Nasir M. Uddin, Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, USA
    22. David F. Lewis, University of South Alabama, USA
    23. Yohei Kishi, Takanohara Central Hospital, Japan
    24. Noam Smorgick, Asaf Harofe Medical Center, Israel
    25. Ying Chen, Michigan State University, USA
    26. Varkha Agrawal, NorthShore University Healthsystem, USA
    27. Jabin Janoo, West Virginia University, USA
    28. Tang Tao, The Chinese University, Hong Kong
    29. Nathan Kow, Cleveland Clinic, USA
    30. Catherine M. Lynch, University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, USA
    31. Babbette LaMarca, University of Mississippi Medical Center, USA
    32. Adel Abu-Heija, Mutah University, Jordan
    33. Oluwole Fadare, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA
    34. Adrian C. Balica, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, USA
    35. Katherine Y. Bianco, University of California San Francisco, USA
    36. Luis Martin Gomez, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA
    37. Laura Detti, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA
    38. Yoshihiro Nishida, Oita University, Japan
    39. Joanne Kwak-Kim, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, USA
    40. Goldman Jane, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, USA
    41. Ana Puigdellivol Sanchez, University of Barcelona, Spain
    42. John T. Comerci, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, USA
    43. John Jerram Evans, University of Otago, New Zealand
    44. Mehta-Lee Shilpi, NYU School of Medicine, USA
    45. Victor M. Feldbaum, University of Tennesee Health Science Center, USA
    46. Antonio Simone Laganà, University of Messina, Italy
    47. Omer Ates, Gaziosmanpasa University, Turkey
    48. Unmesh Vidyadhar Takalkar, United Ciigma Hospital, India
  • Current Issue Highlights
  • JSciMed Central welcomes back astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko.

    Wonder Women Tech not only disrupted the traditional conference model but innovatively changed the way conferences should be held.

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