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  • ISSN: 2333-6439
    Volume 6, Issue 3
    Research Article
    Asha MB, Prameela RC*, and Prajwal Shanker
    Eclampsia is defined as development of convulsion or unexplained coma during pregnancy or postpartum in patients with signs and symptoms of preeclampsia after excluding the other causes of seizures and coma. It is associated with high maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality in both developing and developed countries. Hypertensive disorders complicate 5 - 10 % of all pregnancies. Eclampsia incidence is 0.3-0.9% worldwide.
    Case Report
    Prameela RC* and Smitha JA
    Acute post partum uterine inversion is a rare but potentially fatal obstetric emergency. A prompt recognition with immediate repositioning of the uterus followed with use of uterotonics, usually has no morbidity. Delay in recognising the condition leads to neurogenic shock, post partum haemorrhage (PPH). The inverted uterus becomes edematous and incarcerated by a constriction ring. This requires surgical intervention along with correction of shock. Hence acute inversion of uterus is associated with morbidity and mortality.
    Here we present a rare case of young primipara who presented with PPH and hemorrhagic shock. We diagnosed it as acute inversion of uterus and managed by bimanual reposition, later peripartum hysterectomy.
    This case of uterine inversion is rare for the following reasons 1.It occured in a Primi gravida woman, 2.fundally attached placenta 3.having Placenta Accreta Syndrome (PAS) as Placenta Increta was demonstrated by histopathology of the hysterectomy specimen.
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