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    Current Issue
    Volume 7, Issue 1
    Case Report
    Maryum Nouman*, Mehwish Shaikh, Ghulam Haider, and Khalil Meher
    Objective: Myeloid sarcoma comprising of immature granulocytic cells is a rare, extra medullary tumor. Spinal cord compression caused by a myeloid sarcoma is even more so. This study reports a case of spinal myeloid sarcoma presenting with paraplegia.
    Patient and method: 18-year-old male presented with progressively worsening back pain leading to paraplegia. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) dorsal spine revealed a soft tissue mass extending from D4 through D8 causing compression of cord in mid dorsal region. The patient underwent surgical decompression. Histology confirmed the diagnosis of myeloid sarcoma. Post operatively bone marrow biopsy showed no evidence of myeloproliferative neoplasm. The patient then received systemic chemotherapy in line of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).
    Result: After 9 months patient reports complete relief of symptoms. Post treatment MRI shows no evidence of compressive or residual disease.
    Conclusion: Spinal myeloid sarcoma presenting as paraplegia is very rare. We suggest that clinical suspicion can lead to early diagnosis and appropriate management.
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