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    Volume 2, Issue 5
    Case Report
    Ryan N Harris*, Trevor M Owen and Joseph T Moskal
    Abstract:Massive allograft can be a useful option in revision total joint arthroplasty for treatment of significant bone loss. In rare cases, revision hip and knee arthroplasty procedures can be performed simultaneously using massive allograft-prosthetic composites. We present an 18 year follow up of a patient who received a simultaneous revision hip and knee total femoral allograft and discuss recent literature as it relates to this case.
    Tyler C. Wind* and Joseph T. Moskal
    Abstract:Osteolysis is a well known complication of total hip arthroplasty. Generally, it is thought to occur most commonly in hips with polyethylene. We report on the case of a patient with massive proximal femoral osteolysis from a metal-on-metal (MOM) articulation. This case is unique given the extent of his osteolysis, stability of the components, and predominance of macrophages. The serum levels of chromium and cobalt were below what has previously been associated with massive osteolysis. Intraoperatively the components were found to be stable. The hip was revised to a metal on highly crosslinked polyethylene bearing leaving the femoral stem and acetabular cup in place. Bone grafting was performed around the proximal femur. This is the first case report to document osteolysis involving zones 1,2,6, and 7 of the proximal femur in a MOM total hip.
    Ali Zein A.A.Alkhooly1* and Ahmed Ali Z. A.A.Alkhooly2
    Abstract:A 27 years old man presented with swelling and pain in palmer surface of his left hand with painful extension of middle finger, the case was diagnosed as painful contracture after repeated minor trauma. The patient received medical treatment and local injection of cortisone but the condition not improved. Exploration of the lesion and the mass around flexor tendon in the palm of the left hand was excised; the patient received no specific treatment. After three weeks he developed swelling in the middle finger of his left hand with mild pain and limitation of movement, exploration of the lesion after investigation, The unhealthy granulation tissue around the flexor tendon was excised completely and histopathological study was done and revealed tuberculous infection, patient received long course of anti-tuberculous treatment, the hand function return to its normal level.
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