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    Volume 3, Issue 3
    Case Report
    Ho Hon Lian and Primuharsa Putra SHA*
    Cystic hygroma (lymphangioma) is a benign congenital malformation of the lymphatic system that occurs in infant or children younger than two years of age. It is a rare presentation in adults. A 30-year-old man was referred for a painless left supraclavicular swelling. Conclusion: Cystic hygromas are a rare differential diagnosis in adult neck masses and should be considered for the adult patients who have neck masses. Surgical excision is the treatment of choice.
    Alain Sabri, Ali Taher, Marie-Therese Homsi and Randa Al Barazi*
    Granulocytic Sarcoma is reported in the literature to occur either as an isolated finding or to be associated with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). We report a case of granulocytic sarcoma in the submental area occurring concomitantly with AML. It has been previously reported in the literature to occur in soft tissues of the head and neck; however, this is the first report of granulocytic sarcoma involving the submental area.
    Philippe Gorphe*
    During the acute phase of transient bilateral paralysis after thyroid surgery, a tracheotomy unfortunately remains the solution in most emergency situations. The author describes and discusses the case of a totally thyroidectomized female patient, who presented fifteen days after surgery with bilateral vocal cord paralysis resulting in dyspnea and exhaustion. After tracheotomy refusal, a unilateral endoscopic laser medial arytenoidectomy was performed that enabled the patient to lead a normal daily life without dysphonia. Bilateral vocal cord mobility recovered slowly but completely. This is the first and only case of this procedure during the acute phase of bilateral vocal cord paralysis reported in the literature. The benefits versus the risks are discussed.
    Murat Şereflican*, Sıddıka Halıcıoğlu, Sinan Seyhan, Veysel Yurttaş, Yasemin Ongun Funda and Muharrem Dağlı
    Concha bullosa or conchal pneumatization refers to the presence of an air cell within a nasal turbinate. Pneumatization is most commonly seen in the middle turbinate followed by the superior turbinate. Pneumatized inferior turbinate is rare, and most of the papers in the literature appear as case reports. In this study, a 33-year-old female patient complaining from unilateral nasal stuffiness and intermittent headache is presented. Symptomatology, diagnostic and therapeutic methods for inferior concha bullosa is discussed. In clinical practice, the pneumatization status should well be studied on the scans before sinus and turbinate surgery and inferior concha bullosa should be kept in mind.
    Research Article
    Emel Çadallı Tatar, Hakan Korkmaz, Yusuf Dundar*, Ece Ünlu, Zeynep Alkan, Güleser Saylam, Ali Özdek and Özgür Yigit
    Objectives: To investigate palatal electromyography (EMG) findings in obstructive sleep apnea and simple snorers.
    Material-Methods: Forty-eight patients were evaluated prospectively. A disposable concentric bipolar needle was used for electromyographic evaluation. We examined spontaneous activity (fibrillation, positive sharp wave), motor unit potentials during active movement, MUP (duration, amplitude and polyphase) and interference pattern during full contraction. Numeric values from “0 to 3” were assigned to these electromyographic parameters for statistical analysis.
    Results: Electromyographic findings were compared between the simple snorers and severe sleep apnea patients. The median value of EMG was 0.62±0.63 in simple snorers and 1.29±1.05 in severe sleep apnea patients (p: 0.02). There was no significant difference between these two groups with respect to neck circumference and BMI.
    Conclusions: Our results showed that severe apneic patients had worse palataglossal EMG findings than simple snorers which is consistent with neuromuscular dysfunction.
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