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    Early Online
    Volume 8, Issue 6
    Short Notes
    Saccomanni Bernardino*
    Congenital dislocation of knee is a rare desease and may be associated with other congenital and musculoskeletal disorders. Early diagnosis of CDK is very important non operative treatment usually provides more stable, greater range of motion and much more quadriceps strength than the surgical treatment. I believe that early reduction of dislocation prevents formation of the knee contracture. Here, I document a review of literature. In this review, there are not figures and outcomes.
    Yanrong Wang*, Xianfeng Wang, Ling Li, and Dongming Pan
    The epidemic of Corona virus disease-19 (COVID-19) attributed to SARS-CoV-2 (formerly 2019-nCoV) has brought a worldwide public health threat since December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China
    Research Research
    Maria de Lourdes Merighi Tabaquim, Evandro Henrique Ferreira, Fabiana Ribas Ferreira, Ana Teresa Hernandes Teodoro, and Dionisia Aparecida Cusin Lamonica
    The aim of this study was to describe the evolution of the neurodevelopment of an atypical Robin Sequence clinical case and the impact of emotional burden on the primary caregiver. Female participant, age 01 years and 08 months, with Robin Sequence, typical characteristics and global developmental delay. Two development assessments were carried. The results showed an evolution of adaptive behavior in the domains of interpersonal socialization, personal autonomy, receptive and expressive communication. Five psychiatric indicators of body activity showed an improvement. Acquisition of sentence comprehension and beginning of primitive imitation activities. The caregivers emotional burden showed a reduction in indicators and degrees of intensity. The childs repertoire of skills, although showing a restricted evolution, showed the importance of early diagnosis for rehabilitation and minimizing the impact on the family routine and the stressful condition of the primary caregiver.
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