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Over years, scientific advancements have leave people in awe. Given the health benefits of sexual activities, low desire to have sex is seen as an anomaly that usually requires medical attention.

Therefore, to counter such issues, the FDA in the United States has approved the use of Flibanserin, that goes by the brand name of Addyi, to treat hypoactive sexual disorders in younger women.

The medicine was initially used to treat anxiety and depression however, promising results have been observed in pre-menopausal women with low sexual desires. The rigorous clinical trials have proved that the recipients of this drug tend to have one and a half times better chances of two to three pleasing sexual encounters within a month.

It would be no wrong to call Addyi, the female equivalent of Viagra in males. It makes the women experience a higher desire for sexual contact as well as, during the experience, they feel arouse and hence, have a satisfactory ending as well.

Even though Addyi is claiming popularity over time in middle-aged women, it is known to have certain side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and fatigue normally. In extreme cases, Addyi may cause low blood pressure and even unconsciousness. These adverse effects put the drug regulation authorities to carefully regulate the product and hence, not allow the pharmacies to sell it without a prescription from a registered medical practitioner.

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Where can I buy Addyi Tablets?

If you have been experiencing low sexual desires and your doctor has prescribed you Addyi, you can easily but it. Addyi is available at all pharmacies over the States. Physical pharmacies as well as the online pharmacies all sale the drug under prescription. Therefore, someone with a valid prescription can walk up to their closest pharmacy and acquire the required amount of the drugs immediately.

Other than that, if someone does not have a prescription yet however, they feel like they need Addyi to spice up their sex life a little, they can log on to the official Addyi Website. There, they need to choose the get started option available on the home page. It will navigate them to another page where they will be transferred to a third-party telemedicine website. There they can meat a credible health practitioner online, and discuss their health-related issue and get a prescription for Addyi if needed. That prescription can be used to buy Addyi from any stores in their vicinities or online.

Buying Addyi Online

Online pharmacies are blooming since the rise of the COVID-19. Consequently, there are many online pharmacies that allows people to buy the Over-The-Counter (OTC) as well as prescription medicines online. All the pharmacies offering online purchases are also regulated by the FDA just like the physical pharmacies.

Addyi is a prescription medicine which means that it cannot be sold online or in-stores withoit prescription. Buying a prescription medicine online may not be easy for many. All registered pharmacies are obliged by the Drug Regulation Authorities to ensure that a valid prescription is checked before the sales of any prescription medicines.

Therefore, if someone has been prescribed Addyi by a doctor, they can use one of the online pharmacies to buy it online. It does not eradicate the need to have a prescription to buy Addyi therefore, before ordering, they will need a picture of their prescription that will be uploaded online on the pharmacy website along with the order.

In order to buy Addyi online, one needs to choose a pharmacy that delivers medicines to their area. Once they find such a pharmacy, it must be confirmed from the FDA's BeSafeRx feature to choose licensed online pharmacies in their state. Once all this is sorted, they can proceed with choosing Addyi, uploading their prescription and add it to their cart and have it delivered to their homes.

Buying Over The Counter Addyi

Flibanserin is a prescription drug composition which means that no medicines containing Flibanserin can be sold as an over-the-counter product. Therefore, if someone still needs to use female, sexual arousal pills to enhance their orgasm, they can consider other, alternate products that are available over the counter.

Some of these products include lubricating gels with a stimulatory effect on the vaginal and some tablets which improves one's libido. Some common names include Vigorelle gel, Provestra, Hersolutions pills, and Hersolution gel. All these medicines are available for purchase on common e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, local pharmacies, and even at Walmart. No prescription is required to buy them.

The gels tend to stimulate the nerve endings in the vagina and hence, give a better sexual experience. Furthermore, since the main reason behind female libido is vaginal dryness, these gels can lubricate the vagina and enhances sexual pleasure.

Likewise, the pills work like Addyi and offer a highly stimulated sexual response in females. They can also help menopausal women greatly by alleviating the adverse effects of menopause on one's sexual life especially pain during intercourse.

Bottom line

Viagra has been available for males for over twenty years. However, female libido has recently grabbed the attention of the masses and has encouraged the use of drugs like Addyi to enhance their sexual pleasure. Addyi is considered the gold standard among female arousal pills and is available in all pharmacies after it has been approved by the FDA after rigorous clinical trials. However, it is only available on prescription for people who are medically seemed fit to take it. It is crucial to get the consent of a doctor on the use of Addyi due to its adverse effects which may be drastic in some cases.

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