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  • ISSN: 2373-9363
    Volume 6, Issue 3
    Research Article
    Manik Ahuja*, Renee Cunningham-Williams, Kimberly B. Werner, and Kathleen K. Bucholz
    In the current research, we examined the association of key risk and protective factors for gambling involvement from the domains of family environment, conduct problems/delinquency, substance use, and depressive psychopathology in a nationally representative sample. The sample was comprised of 13,291 young adults (ages 18-26; Mean age=22.8) self-identifying as European American (n=9,939) or African American (n=3,335) who participated in Wave III (n=15,170) of the restricted-use National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health. We used separate logistic regressions to study participation in specific gambling categories (lottery games, casino-type games, other games). Childhood neglect, physical discipline, and current alcohol use was associated across each of the three gambling categories. Our results also revealed differences between European American and African American subjects. Current cannabis use was associated with all three categories among African Americans, while current cigarette use was associated among European Americans for lottery games, and depression (female) was associated with other games. We also applied multinomial logistic regression to study gambling involvement based on the number of gambling categories that the participant engaged in 2 or more (referent), only 1, or none at all. Our results revealed that delinquency/conduct symptoms (AOR=0.83) along with cannabis use (African American; AOR=0.66), cigarette use (European American; AOR=0.83), current alcohol use (AOR=0.66) were associated with gambling in two categories vs. gambling in one category. Childhood physical discipline (AOR=0.75) and childhood neglect (AOR=0.75) were associated with gambling in two categories vs. no gambling. Further are needed to investigate the developmental pathways leading to increased gambling involvement among African American and European American adolescents and young adults.
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