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    Editorial Board
    1. Marlon Guerrero, University of Arizona, USA
    2. Evan SK Ong, The University of Arizona, USA
    3. James R. Ouellette, Wright State University, USA
    4. Osama AL-Omar, West Virginia University, USA
    5. Neeraj Singh, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, USA
    6. Mahmood Razavi, St Joseph Heart and Vascular Institute, USA
    7. Anil S. Paramesh , Tulane University School of Medicine, USA
    8. Scott Davis , Tulane University and LSU Schools of Medicine, USA
    9. Ran Ito, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
    10. Vani Janaki Sabesan, Western Michigan University School of Medicine, USA
    11. Vahid Taimouri, Harvard Medical School, USA
    12. Kewei Wang, University of Illinois College, USA
    13. Yoshiya Toyoda, Temple University School of Medicine, USA
    14. Javier Chapochnick Friedmann, Montefiore Medical Center, USA
    15. Jahan Porhomayon, University at Buffalo, USA
    16. Vivian Tellis, Montefiore Medical Center, USA
    17. Malek G. Massad, University of Illinois, USA
    18. Paul S. Lajos, Mount Sinai Queens, USA
    19. Mohamad W. Salkini, West Virginia University, USA
    20. Henry Garcia Guevara, Hospital Santa Paula, Brazil
    21. Satyen Parida, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research(JIPMER), India
    22. Hiroshi Yoshida, Nippon Medical School Tama Nagayama Hospital, Japan
    23. Martin Schweiger, University Children's Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
    24. Shinichi Ikuta, Meiwa General Hospital, Japan
    25. Viroj Wiwanitkit, Hainan Medical University, China
    26. Irfan Mehboob, Postgraduate Medical Institute Lahore, Pakistan
    27. Maroun Abou-Jaoude, University of Montreal, Canada
    28. Juan Sebastian Barajas Gamboa, University of California, USA
    29. Ralph Schneider, Philipps University of Marburg, Germany
    30. Vikal Chandra Shakya, Civil Service Hospital, Nepal
    31. Victor X. Mosquera Rodriguez, Juan Canalejo Hospital, Spain
    32. PN Tandon, National Brain Research Centre, India
    33. Manabu Shiraishi, Queen Mary University of London, England
    34. Ricardo Pedrini Cruz, Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição,  Brazil.
    35. Adriana Handra-Luca, Universite Paris Nord Sorbonne Cite, France
    36. Dominic Hegarty, Cork University Hospital, Ireland
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