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    Volume 1, Issue 1
    Paolo Del Rio*
    Over the last few years we have assisted to an evolution of treatment of thyroid and parathyroid endocrine disorders. The use in surgical practice from ’90 years of endo-laparoscopic techniques has changed the approach to surgical diseases.
    Case Report
    Adam Hauch1, Jean Heneghan2, Mary Killackey1, Rubin Zhang1, Elizabeth Wands1, Joseph Buell1, Bob Saggi1, Samir el-Dahr3 and Anil Paramesh1*
    Abstract: Organ transplantation between identical twins is a relatively rare event that has been performed for kidney, pancreas, small bowel, and liver transplants. Monozygotic twins have identical HLA genes that enable the theoretical opportunity of avoiding immunosuppressant medications following transplantation; and with it, the often-serious side effects and financial costs of these drugs. Published information on immunosuppressive management in this scenario is scant. We report two cases of Living Related Kidney Transplantation (LRKT) between identical twins and their immunosuppressive courses that followed transplantation, along with a review of the literature.
    Review Article
    Garcia Guevara Henry Arturo1*, Marinho Kelly2 and Lobo Leandro Luiz3
    Abstract: This study provides a review of the current available knowledge of temporomandibular joint total replacement stock systems. An electronic search of the National Library of Medicine’s Pubmed, Scopus, Scielo and Science Direct databases were performed to identify English, Spanish and Portuguese language, peer-reviewed articles published during the years 1990–2013. 25 references including reviews, clinical trials or case series, and single-patient case reports were the type of articles found and considered for review. The main indication for a total joint replacement is the presence of a severely damaged or mutilated joint, which can result from different types of severe joint diseases or failure of previous surgeries. As described by the consulted authors, the surgical procedure is an established and standardized protocol .Therapeutic outcomes were encouraging for all the revised articles. An evolution of this TMJ stock prosthetic devices have been made over time with satisfactory results, transforming this type replacement system an optimal solution in severe cases of joint alterations. Further studies are recommended to continually validate these replacement systems.
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