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    Copper Accumulation in Wisconsin Holsteins with Indications of Oxidative Liver Damage
    Authors: Douglas Lyman*, Laura J. Clark and Kristin Campbell
    Abstract: An extensive review of Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory(WVDL) accessions along with the results of slaughter house surveys indicate that copper is accumulating in the livers of Wisconsin Holsteins of all ages.
    An Unusual Case of Residuel Ovary Syndrome Associated with Subsurface Epithelial Cyst Adenoma Leading Hyperestrogenism and Transmissible Venereal Tumor in a Spayed Female Dog
    Authors: Gozde R. Ozalp, M. Ozgur Ozyigit, Hayrettin Yildiz, Volkan Ipek, Sevda Inan Ozturkoglu and O. Nuri Akcay
    Abstract: A six-year-old female spayed Alaska bitch was presented for vaginal bleeding. Cytological, ultrasonographic and endocrinological examinations revealed an ovarian...
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