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    1. Yung-Fu Chang, Cornell University,USA
    2. Skip Jack, Mississippi State University, USA
    3. Linjie Pan, Purdue University, USA
    4. Christina R. Wilson, Purdue University,  USA
    5. Rodrigo Gallardo, University of California, USA
    6. Lesya M. Pinchuk, Mississippi State University, USA
    7. John Marchello, University of Arizona, USA
    8. Lesya M. Pinchuk, Mississippi State University, USA
    9. Xingmin Sun, Tufts University, USA
    10. Abhineet Subhash Sheoran, Tufts University, USA
    11. RIicardo G. Maggi, Ross University, USA
    12. Michel Louis Vandenplas, Ross University, USA
    13. Bernard Grevemeyer, Ross University, USA
    14. Lisa Sams Ebner, Ross University, USA
    15. Roberson R. Jerry, Ross University, USA
    16. Charles E. Rupprecht, Ross University, USA
    17. Arve Lee Willingham, Ross University, USA
    18. Odette O, Ross University, USA
    19. Ganwu Li, Iowa State University, USA
    20. David Michael Wong, Iowa State University, USA
    21. Surojit Sarkar, Pennsylvania State University, USA
    22. Jodi S. Matheson, University of Illinois Board of Trustees, USA
    23. Carlos Gradil, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
    24. Chengtao Her, Washington State University, USA
    25. Felix Lankester, Washington State University, USA
    26. David Benfield, The Ohio State University, USA
    27. Orhan Sahin, Iowa State University, USA
    28. Vanmathy Kasimanickam, Washington State University, USA
    29. Chinling Wang, Mississippi State University, USA
    30. Guoquan Zhang, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
    31. Alpana Ray, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
    32. Chada Sudershan Reddy, University of Missouri - Columbia, USA
    33. Mahdi A. Saeed, Michigan State University, USA
    34. Andrew Niehaus, Ohio State University, USA
    35. Chanran Ganta, Kansas State University, USA
    36. Weiping Zhang, Kansas State University, USA
    37. David Wilkie, The Ohio State University, USA
    38. Lisa G. Shaffer, Paw Print Genetics, Genetic Veterinary Sciences Inc., USA
    39. Thimmasettapp Thippeswamy, Iowa State University, USA
    40. Jim Dickson, Iowa State University, USA
    41. Yu, Zhongtang, The Ohio State University, USA
    42. Herbert W. Ockerman, The Ohio State University, USA
    43. Kevin H. Kline, University of Illinois, USA
    44. Lakshmi Tulasi Sunkara, Oklahoma State University, USA
    45. Giangaspero Massimo, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Teramo, Italy
    46. Kevin Halden Kline, University of Illinois, USA
    47. Dubraska Diaz, Washington State University, USA
    48. Zhang Guoquan, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
    49. Chanran Ganta,Kansas State University, USA
    50. Jong-Su Eun, Kansas State University, USA
    51. Isaac Pessah, UC Davis Veternary Medicine, USA
    52. Anuradha Ghosh, Kansas State University, USA
    53. Devi Patnayak, University of Minnesota, USA
    54. Zhengyu Cao, UC Davis University, USA
    55. Bonto Faburay, Kansas State University, USA
    56. Xunde Li, University of California, USA
    57. Maziel Arauz, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, USA
    58. Karen L Campbell, University of Illinois, USA
    59. Meiqing Shi, University of Maryland, USA
    60. Khalid Matrougui, Eastern Virginia School of Medicine, USA
    61. Sunil K. Khattar, University of Maryland, USA
    62. Philip F. Solter, University of Illinois, USA
    63. Jock Tate, North Carolina State University, USA
    64. Jaak Panksepp, Washington State University, USA
    65. Anuradha Ghosh, Kansas State University, USA
    66. Elaine Watson, Ross University, USA
    67. Yuksel Agca, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
    68. Santiago Bas, The Ohio State University, USA
    69. Jamie Henningson, Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, USA
    70. Pamela J. Skinner, University of Minnesota, USA
    71. Atul Kulkarni, SDM Medical College, India
    72. Mohamed Moussa Ibrahim, Suez Canal University, Egypt
    73. Wandi Zhu, Emory University, USA
    74. Zuhair Bani Ismail, Jordan University of Science and Technology Irbid, Jordan
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