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Editor FAQ's
Who are Editorial Board Members?
Ans: Editorial Board Members are Assistants, Associates, Professors, Scientists and Doctors, who have volunteered to provide feedback to authors, serve the Journal and help in improving the Journal standards. They remain the backbone for the Journal reputation and growth.
What are my major Roles and Responsibilities?
  • Timely contributions to hold up regular issue releases.
  • Support the processing of articles by suggesting/ assigning reviewers and need to take the role of reviewer, if required.
  • Continued suggestions to improve quality of the articles to make the journal reach high Standards.
  • Effective participation in suggesting/ recommending the editorial board members.
Do I have to work continuously?
Ans: No, the editorial office will be helping you whenever required as we understand that you may be busy in other commitments.
Do I have the authority to reject the paper in case it is not up to the mark?
Ans: Yes. But we recommend you to provide supporting statements so that we need to send back to the author.
Is there any timeline for being an Editorial Board Member?
Ans: There is no such timeline. If you are interested to serve, we are delighted to have you on our board as we look forward for a long and healthy scientific relationship.
How do I contribute to the marketing and advertising of a journal?
Ans: You may advertise in the conferences or meetings you attend and also suggest your colleagues or students to contribute in the Journal. Journal Brochures will be provided by the Editorial office on demand.
Could I serve as Editorial Board Member for multiple Journals?
Ans: If the research interest matches the other Journal, we are pleased to accept you as EB member.
*Note: One person cannot serve more than two JSciMed Journals.
Where do I contact if I am interested to serve for any Journal voluntarily?
Ans: It would be our pleasure to have you in our Board Members. Kindly contact Our Editorial team will contact you for more details.
Whom do I have to contact at the Editorial office if I have any queries?
Ans: Kindly contact Journal email ID or Editorial office or the respective Journal Managing Editor will respond you immediately.
Could I submit multiple Perspectives?
Ans: Yes. You can provide a minimum of 2 Perspectives (Editorials) per year. If an editor is interested to submit more than 2 Perspectives, kindly contact Editorial office.

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