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Reviewer FAQ's
What is the eligibility do I need to review a manuscript?
Ans: The reviewers are assigned by the Editors as per the research matching to the topic field of manuscript. Self registered peer reviewers must be having a few published papers in the field of interest they mentioned.
What would be my major roles and responsibilities?
Ans: Providing unbiased comments as it adds the quality to the manuscript; punctuality and providing comments within the time factor allotted are the primary role of the Reviewers.
What does double blind review mean?
Ans: Neither the reviewer's details are revealed to the authors nor are the author details disclosed to the reviewers. Both remain anonymous to each other.
Are there any ethical issues to the Reviewers?
Ans: Reviewers must not use or disclose any of the author results. It is against the Ethical policy.
How do I have to do the review?
Ans: For more details on the Review processing, please visit Review Guidelines.
Is there any time limit provided to submit the comment?
Ans: Yes. We provide 10 days for submitting your valuable comments.
Where do I have to submit the Review?
Ans: Please submit your review comments in the mentioned form and send us to respective email ID from which you have had received the Manuscript to review.
Is there any limit to review papers?
Ans: No. You may review as many manuscripts you wish to; concerned the manuscript topic matches your interest.
How do I have to register to be a permanent Peer Reviewer?
Ans: Please contact and the Editorial office will respond you soon to add you into the peer review team.
Will I have any discounts for my submissions, if I have reviewed a few papers?
Ans: We provide reasonable discounts for our Reviewers. Contact for more details during your submission.

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