Article Processing Charges

JSciMedCentral is an open-access publisher that relies on its own sources for its operations. It would not receive any funds or grants in any form from any agencies and solely relies on its own sources for its operations. Article processing charges are one of the revenue sources for JSciMedCentral.

Open access is a publication model that provides free access to all the published information to its users. The readers/users can download, share, circulate, print, and distribute the text, images, and information for fair academic use, without a need to approach the author for permission, yet, by duly attributing the author the credit s/he deserves.

Having stated this, the publisher has to incur enormous costs towards the publication of the research for dissemination through online platforms. The publisher has to spend on the hardware, software, and other overhead costs in order to get it published online. The publisher has to spend time editing, formatting, and illustrating the manuscript using the appropriate technologies, licenses, and third-party charges.

The publisher pays for the servers and permanently preserves the published material in the digital repositories for online circulation and for any future reference.  Indexing, assigning DOI and the other services cost the publisher enormously and article processing charges are the only source of revenue for getting the manuscript published online. JSciMedCentral collects article processing charges from the author or by their institution or funder which covers the editorial and peer-review services, website hosting, and administrative costs.

The article processing charges of the JSciMedCentral vary depending on the size, complexity, and amount of duration it may need. We however provide a considerable waiver to the authors of the low-income economies with a view to encouraging research publications from those countries. We also offer waivers to authors that don’t have funding support from the institutions they are affiliated with. Authors have to approach the publisher for any such waivers while submitting the manuscript. Waivers only on processing charges are also offered on occasions like ‘Open Access Week’, and other important occasions of scientific importance.

As the journal publishes articles under the Open Access model, the charge paid by the authors will go toward the expenses related to the process and publishing. Once paid, the fee will never be reimbursed.

NOTE: Article processing charge will depend on funding support availability and national economic status. Article processing charges vary from journal to journal.

Please contact us at accounts@jscimedcentral.com for any queries or discussions or to negotiate the article processing charges.

Type of Article

Processing Charges

Research Article/Video Article

1800-3600 USD

Review Article

1530-3340 USD

Mini Review / Short Communication/Letter to the Editor

900-1620 USD

Case Reports/Clinical Images / Editorial / Opinion / Perspective

720 – 1530 USD

Submit Manuscript

Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com