Human And Animal Rights

Norms for Clinical Research

The privacy and human rights of all individuals or patients that are part of any biomedical research must be honored with due respect. Prior permission and consent of such individuals must be taken in consent forms. The researcher must take enough care to protect the identity of the volunteers that formed part of such research. Patients and individuals must be clearly explained the side effects if any and measures must be taken not to threaten the life of such individuals during the post-research period. Author must clearly state in the methods and materials about such permissions and the editor may also demand the author (s) to produce such documents prior to approving the manuscript for publication.

Honoring Animal and environmental laws

Author (s) or researcher that is deploying animals for a clinical trial or any part of the environment for that purpose must take enough measures not to produce agony or trauma to such living organisms. Ethics committee approval is essential in all such cases. Violation of human, animal and environmental laws is liable for punishment.

Ethics committee approval

In all cases, where animals or humans are involved in the research to obtain data for the study, prior permission from the ethics committee must be obtained. Author (s) must mention the details of the ethics committee approval, including the names and contact details of the ethics committee members, protocol numbers along with the date of granting such approval at the commencement of the methods and material section clearly.

Submit Manuscript

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