Overlapping Publication

JSciMedCentral adheres to the norms of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)for Overlapping Publications and it possesses very well-defined policies for overlapping publications.

  • Any publication that is published with the same text, data, materials and methods with the same set of author/s can be called an overlapping of information. It is an exact duplication of the originally published/submitted/under review manuscript.
  • JSciMedCentral has already made a categorical statement that it expects the author/s to submit a cover letter, stating that manuscript meant for submission is original and it is neither published earlier nor under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • We, therefore, exhibit no tolerance towards overlapping and duplication.
  • Although some Biomedical Journal editors consider duplication keeping the larger public interest in mind that it would benefit humanity.  There might be some truth under the exceptional cases.
  • If the publication is classical in its origin and does not violate international copyright law due to its duplication, such acts might be acceptable. Rare manuscripts published 100s years ago, having significant scientific importance and don’t violate the ethics of research may be considered for the cost-effectiveness of their publication.
  • Einstein’s laws on Mass and Energy, Darwinian laws of evolution Newton’s law of gravitational force of attraction of the earth, etc., might be of this origin, which is a historical and landmark publication.
  • JSciMedCentral doesn’t encourage duplication because it firmly believes that it is against the norms of Open Access, which states that free access to researched information would be granted on the grounds that the original copyright holder is duly acknowledged.
  • Duplication of material if published, would not allow the citation of the same article in different journals.
  • Duplication/overlapping publication, without the author stating it while submitting it, would result in a waste of editorial time in reviewing the same article twice or more than once and it involves cost and wastage of scarce resources.

JSciMedCentral’s policy on overlapping

  • We accept papers presented in scientific meetings, posters, and abstracts presented in the proceedings that are later developed as research articles. We also consider manuscripts rejected elsewhere and submitted here for review after correcting the loopholes if any.
  • Clinical trial results shared with any government reports or media or any public domain can be republished with us for the larger interests of public health.
  • We however expect the author to report to us the partial or complete publication of the information in other publications so that our editors would decide on how to handle such manuscripts.
  • Suppression of information would lead to misunderstanding and we would like to maintain transparency with our authors for all practical purposes.
  • We consider such manuscripts for publication again that substantially add to their previous publication in the form of data, discussion, and results.
  • We consider such publications that worked on the same methodology and procedure, yet with a representative sample drawn from a different region, for a different set of readers.


Submit Manuscript

Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com