Confidentiality And Anonymity

Confidentiality is directly related to research ethics where the scientist is involving human subjects in collecting data for the study. It is mandatory for the researcher to collect all the personal information related to the subject that is volunteering for the experiment. This information is very sensitive and this need not be revealed to the outside world when the researcher publishes the results or data. Disclosing the names or the geographical identities of the individuals that participate in the research would potentially harm the person or the professional life of the individuals.

As a result, we at JScimedCentral take all the measures and suggest the authors hide their personal details by erasing names and other identifiable information. Anonymity is another way of collecting information where the researcher collects data without gathering the personal information of the subject. This method is applicable in quantitative research. In surveys, the informant can fill out the questionnaire without disclosing his/her details. In qualitative studies, be it in the natural sciences or the social sciences, the researcher hides such details to safeguard the personal interests of the informants as the research results are far more important than their personal details.

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