Obligation To Register Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are a significant part of any innovation to happen in biomedical research. The involvement of living organisms such as animals and humans or the environment may have repercussions.  There are well-laid legislations in handling living organisms in clinical settings. The principal researcher must register the purpose of such a clinical trial and must obtain permission from the respective authority to state that his/her research is taking place within the legal framework of the nation.

JScimedCentral expects its authors to register the clinical trials as per the norms of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)  and submit the permissions obtained while submitting the manuscripts. This is particularly important because clinical trials expose their subjects to radiation, surgical and medical equipment, devices and chemicals. The written consent of the subjects under the clinical trials is therefore attaining significance.

JScimedCentral also expects authors to share such cynical methodology, but not the results to any registered public repository or registry for impartial and independent verification by any agency or individual.

The information placed in the registry must be accessible to all free of cost and should be made electronically available at any time. It is therefore essential to register with the registries under the management of not per profit agencies to provide greater public access.

JScimedCentral expects the authors to mention the clinical trial registration number at the end of the abstract so that we would be able to display the same when it is accepted for publication.









Submit Manuscript

Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com