JSciMed Central works to lower the costs associated with making outstanding research available to everyone, including the authors who put years of effort into writing papers that broaden the boundaries of human knowledge. JSciMed Central is a Gold Open Access publication. We launched a new initiative for scholars who publish a lot as part of our overall objective. For authors who have numerous papers in the works, the article processing fees now provided by Gold OA publishers are not cost-effective, and the expense of publishing in large volumes is sure to make a significant dent in their budget.

You can encourage all researchers at your institution to publish open access (OA) research by supporting them with a JsciMed Central open access (OA) journal membership, regardless of their field of study. OA enables research publications to have a wider audience and a greater impact, and it can also advance the objectives of your organization.

We are steadfastly dedicated to building a network of scientists who consistently conduct research that will transform the world. We provide four distinctive membership options—Student Membership, Individual Membership, Institutional Membership, and Corporate Membership—for all scholars, researchers and research centers to support open access in scholarly publishing.

For your convenience, we have also introduced a number of membership plans.

Student Membership

  • Students engaged in research projects may apply for our Student Membership, which requires a brief letter from their department head, group leader, or supervisor at the time of submission.
  • They have a limited time frame to publish an unlimited number of papers in any of our journals.
  • He can be the author or co-author of the article he submits.
  • A membership certificate will also be provided.
  • Discount on reprint orders

Individual Membership

  • Researchers, academics, post-doctoral students, and other individuals working in the field of scientific research are eligible for individual membership
  • By becoming a member, they can submit an unlimited number of articles in any of our JsciMed Central journals.
  • A certificate of Annual Membership will be provided
  • Discount on reprint orders

Institutional Membership

  • Universities, research organizations and institutions are also given membership rights so they can benefit from publishing articles written mostly by the faculty and students of their universities.
  • The organization/society will receive a membership certificate. During the Membership Period, the name and logo of the society will be mentioned on the JSciMed Central home page.
  • Members of the institution/university are given special waivers. (on Special occasions like Open access week)
  • Discount on reprint orders

Corporate Membership

  • Corporate companies and firms can partner with us to jointly organize events that will benefit from cross-promotion for both parties.
  • JSciMed Central will award the registered company with a prestigious membership certificate.
  • We will support and advertise the registered firm or organization's scientific events.
  • The registered companies can submit unlimited articles to any of our Journals.
  • Discount on reprint orders



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3 Years

5 Years

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Individual Membership




Institutional Membership




Corporate Membership




To join, send the completed online membership form and a letter expressing interest in one of our membership plans. All submissions will be taken into account.

If you would like to apply for membership or have any queries about membership, send us an email at: membership@jscimedcentral.com


Submit Manuscript

Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com