Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism Defined: Any intentional and unintentional representation of words, sentences, phrases, and text from other sources in a manuscript submitted for publication, without attributing the credit to the original copyright holder is considered plagiarism. JSciMedCentral follows a stringent non-tolerant policy towards plagiarism to promote original STM publications.

Representation of tables, images, graphs, formulae, and empirical data from any published source as it is, without acknowledging the source is also considered plagiarism.

JSciMedCentral plagiarism policy

  • 0% tolerance to plagiarism is neither possible nor desirable because, no scientific writing is possible without deploying the standard terminologies, phrases, and expressions.
  • JSciMedCentral, therefore, accepts 20-25% plagiarism, which is an acceptable norm in the publishing industry.
  • On receiving any manuscript for submission, our editorial team thoroughly assesses the manuscript for such violations, using anti-plagiarism tools.
  • We proceed further by assigning a manuscript ID if the plagiarism is within the accepted level.
  • We revert back to the author immediately to the corresponding author if there is a severe breach of copyright.
  • We guide the author through suggestions to address the issue, by highlighting the plagiarized content and expect the author to re-work those highlighted areas.
  • Upon corrections and resubmission, we assess it again for impingements if any, and accept it for review process if it is free from plagiarism.
  • Authors may refer to their own published manuscripts in the same journal or any other journal. Yet, they are supposed to acknowledge it as well, without which it is considered a duplication of the work by the same author, or group of authors, with which the author is aligned.
  • If an author fails to correct the plagiarized version upon suggestions from the editorial office, such manuscripts will be summarily rejected.
  • We expect authors to include a cover, stating that the author/s is submitting a manuscript that is original, unpublished, and is not under consideration for publication with others.
  • If we come across any plagiarism, or copyright violation in published articles, such articles will be retracted without any further notice because we consider that author/s have read our policies and have agreed on it when they submit their manuscripts for publication.


Submit Manuscript

Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com