Associations And Collaborations

Academic institutions, research centers, NGOs, government organizations, and developmental agencies of national and international importance are the major agencies that work on the majority of issues, challenges, perspectives and facts related to societies, families, public health systems and the economies that influence the welfare and the development of communities and nations.

JSciMedCentral is keen on bringing that information that is evolving in these public and private organizations through its 145+ open-access science journals and circulating them widely among the readers for creating awareness, knowledge dissemination and sharing and exchange of information between the people, people to business houses, and from business to business. Information-rich societies act decisively on policies that may influence millions of lives positively.

We collaborate by acting as publication partners with agencies that are working on public health issues at the grassroots level. We also tie in with academic and research institutes that are centers of academic discourse, and knowledge dissemination through rigorous research and interaction.

We sign MoUs, and agreements with the agencies for collaboration and association on the following things:

  • Publishing annual reports.
  • Publishing Conference proceedings of national and international importance conducted by the abovementioned organizations.
  • Publishing academic and scholarly journals in association with prominent agencies, universities and research centers.
  • Promoting information on public interest.
  • Popularize events and important occasions of our partnering agencies through our journals.
  • Publishing reports on seminars, workshops, and annual meetings.
  • Provide waivers, and discounts in the article processing charges for the member of the agencies that collaborate with us.
  • Encourage public libraries to collaborate with us for online publication, archiving, and publishing of their subscription-based journal on the S2O model.
  • Capacity building, training, shared leadership, and strategies for academic and scholarly publications.
  • Sharing, recycling, exchanging, and optimum utilization of scarce resources for the benefit of knowledge sharing, exchanging, and dissemination of information.

Providing global reach and open access to the research outcome of our collaborators, industry, and publication partners.

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Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com