Open Access Policy

Open access publication is one of the prominent models of the digital era, initiated with an intention to remove the global inequalities in the flow of information and communication, as knowledge is power and it is essential to empower societies in this information age.

Open access to scientifically researched information, leading to innovation is vital for many developing and low income economies to strengthen key areas like public health, sanitation, education, and the fight against communicable and contagious diseases. Industrially developed and advanced nations have already demonstrated the role of information in national development and progress. If this information is restricted to few rich economies, leaving a vast gap, will create enormous inequalities.

Open access publication model could break the barriers of time, space, money, and region and made the well-researched information on engineering, technology, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, and a plethora of disciplines to all so that the scientists and scholars across the globe could access this information free of cost to further scientific research.

Open access platform could equally uphold the visibility of the scholars that contribute research as published articles, by circulating them to the nook and the corner of the globe through citations, page views and downloads. The academic and scholarly graph of the researchers publishing in the open access model is advancing rapidly than through the subscription model, which expects the users to pay for the page view or download and hence its use is restricted.

 Benefits of open access Archiving

JSciMed Central® Open Access platform has enhanced the accessibility of scholarly published articles at your fingertips, where authors can publish their research with minimal charges and the readers can access and cite them by duly acknowledging the source. JSciMed Central® Journals strictly adhere to all the Open Access policies and all the published content is achieved forever in the repositories and universally accessible to all at free of cost. JSciMed Central® Open Access Journals deposit all it's content under Creative Common Attribution License and it allows copyrights to disseminate the work.

Benefits of Open Access Archiving

  • Easy and immediate access to the researched information to all without any hassles.
  • Removing the barriers to access to information.
  • Permanently archiving the published content in repositories for future reference.
  • Advancement of scholarly research due to free access to information
  • High visibility to the scholarly contribution that is downloaded, cited, read and circulated frequently.
  • Establishment of the standard peer review procedures and publication benchmarks.
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Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com