Privacy Policy

JSciMedCentral values its relationship with all its stakeholders that are associated with us in varied forms. Authors, institutions of academic and research interests, collaborators and affiliating agencies and readers are our main stakeholders.

Data protection legislation guarantees a number of rights to all individuals to protect against any organization from mishandling your personal information. It is important that you understand your rights. JSciMedCentral respects the right in processing your personal information.

  • We seek information from these stakeholders at various stages when they interact with us for various purposes.
  • Author(s) may have to enter their basic information such as their name, affiliations, mailing address, phone number and complete postal address at the time when they register for manuscript submission.
  • Authors also furnish sensitive data related to their study that may be related to an individual’s clinical data in the form of text, images, tables and graphs.
  • We may seek your account/credit card details when you transact with us for paying processing charges.
  • The author may also disclose details like the link to the professional/personal website addresses.
  • We may collect your personal information available in the public domain such as your teaching or research interests, and contact details, only to communicate with you or to circulate marketing information. We are however very careful in handling this data and you may unsubscribe from us if you have any objections.
  • We also receive information from various third parties such as email service providers, web-hosting providers, and other business partners who deliver our services. They would provide us with additional information about you and your interests to us.
  • You may be visiting our sites, seeking information about our products and services. Our websites use cookies that may grasp your Internet IP address, by our browser type and version, the type of device used, and time zone setting and the type of services/content/you are looking for.
  • We may also share or acquire information when we acquire new journals or affiliate with a new collaborative agency or partner.
  • You can disable cookies by adjusting your web browser’s settings and still access our websites – with certain functional limitations.
  • JSciMedCentral honors the privacy of all individuals and would not disclose the personal details furnished to any third parties for any commercial exploitation.
  • We use the furnished information by authors for the publication of their manuscripts as articles.
  • To communicate with them related to the article processing, corrections, and publication.
  • We use the account details you furnish only to collect processing charges.
  • To notify you of the changes, new releases, and articles that may be of your interest.
  • To provide you the alerts on deadlines for article submission, special issue announcements, call for papers, etc.
  • To communicate changes in our policies, the introduction of new features, and get feedback from you to make our services more effective for you.
  • To support you when you are stuck for troubleshooting data analysis, testing, research, statistical and survey purposes.
  • To alert you about fraudulent users and practices.
  • To improve the website appearance and content amicable to your eyes and the device you use to access the journal content.
  • To measure the effectiveness of our advertisements, products, and services you use.
  • To inform you about the other products/services that may be similar to your interests.
  • To promote our business as envisaged by the law, without violating your personal rights.




Submit Manuscript

Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com