Peer Review Process

Significance of peer review

JSciMed Central follows a double-blind peer review process. Both the author and the reviewer remain anonymous to promote quality research standards. The editor assigns the manuscript for submission to the subject experts of the concerned field by personally contacting them. The reviewers closely scrutinize the document for its validity, relevance, authenticity and significance. The reviewers' comments would clearly state whether or not the manuscript followed the research methods thoroughly, by abiding by all the research ethics of privacy, confidentiality, non-violation of human and animal rights, etc,.

The review process also ensures that the furnished information can be trusted because it is verified and proven. The review process may generally take two weeks time.  The editor considers both the review comments in the double blind peer review process into account and expects the author to make necessary changes as suggested by the reviewers. The review process corrects aspects like language, punctuation, technical details, statistical tools applied, reference style, formatting style and the standard research procedures needed to promote the quality of the study.

The peer review process ensures the following things


 Scientific research is not based on personal beliefs, opinions and practices. Unless it is valid universally, it is not qualified as scientific research. The peer review process ensures its scientific validity.


Research must remain free from the influence of any ideology, and it must remain neutral. The reviewer verifies whether the study favors an economic class, region, nation, or any agency. The review process verifies for such errors and may reject or suggest modifications to avoid bias.

Conflict of Interests

Financial aid, affiliations and collaborative research must state any such association and the study must refrain from any favor to such conflict of interest. The review processes cross cheeks such violations.


The scientific relevance of the manuscript enriches its vastness and enhances its application to many interdisciplinary fields. The reviewer verifies whether or not the manuscript is novel, and innovative and adds any significance to the existing body of knowledge or duplication of the existing knowledge.


Knowledge dissemination without checking it for its relevance, validity and usage may be chaotic, leading to misinformation. It is the responsibility of the publisher and the editorial board to make sure that the information published is true, original and worth publishing.

The peer review process ensures whether or not the topic presented in the manuscript is publishable and would not create rumors, and circulate misleading information. The review procedure checks the authenticity of the facts and figures presented in the manuscript before getting it published because the reviewer would check the manuscript for the standard statistical tools, research techniques and analytical methods applied to draw conclusions.

Submit Manuscript

Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com