Terms And Conditions

  • All the journals that SciMedCentral publishes are open Access journals and they are all governed by the Creative Common Licensing policy.
  • We expect the corresponding authors to clearly read and accept the Terms & Conditions of this policy.
  • By signing an agreement to abide by the Creative Common Licensing policy, the author retains the copyrights, while permitting the publisher to publish the manuscript as the first/original publisher and allowing the publisher to reuse it.
  • There are three types of licensing permissions within the Creative Common Licensing policy. Authors must read these licenses carefully and must select their choice accordingly.
  • Author must check for what kind of licensing policy is applicable before submitting the manuscript.
  • By choosing the Creative Commons License, irrespective of the license types they choose, the user must attribute the work in favor of the author (s) only.

CC BY - Creative Commons Attribution License

  • If an author chooses to go by CC BY licensing, the users can download, distribute and transmit it for commercial and noncommercial (reusing) purposes.

CC BY-NC - Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial License

  • CC BY NC allows the user to reuse the article for only noncommercial purposes, as long as the author is given a due attribution.

CC BY-NC-ND - Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derives License

  • CC By-NC-ND allows the user to reuse the article by attributing the author for non-commercial purposes only and the work should not be modified or adapted in any way.

Exceptions to Creative Common Licensing policy

A limited number of society-owned journals have opted out of this license policy.

The societies with which JSciMedCentral collaborates and publishes may decide on a different policy. JSciMedCentral will continue to brief societies on any discussions held regarding funder agreements and the processing of the articles, appropriate acknowledgments with citation and linking to the final published version on the publisher's site, and clear licensing terms and conditions for the use of material protected by copyright.

Submit Manuscript

Articles should be submitted using our online submission link (OR) you can also email your manuscript as an attachment at submissions@jscimedcentral.com